All the Light We Cannot See Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anthony Doerr
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Part Zero: 7 August, 1944: Chapters 1-8

• All the Light We Cannot See is a critically acclaimed, best-selling novel by Anthony Doerr.

• Set during World War II in occupied France, the novel relates the story of a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths cross in their struggles for survival.

• Part Zero: 7 August, 1944 opens with Chapter 1: “Leaflets” on August 7th, 1944, as leaflets are dropped over the houses of Saint-Malo warning people to leave their homes and head for open country.

• At midnight, bombers cross the channel but in a tall, slim house on rue Vauborel a blind sixteen year old girl is oblivious to their warnings.

• Marie should be hurrying downstairs but instead her fingers continue to walk along the streets of her model, remembering.

• Etienne is locked inside the gates of Fort National as a cascade of bombs drop onto the city.

• To the north, Werner Pfennig...

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