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Short Answer Questions

1. Scarpetta also learns one of the missing teens had what kind of medical procedure?

2. Why does Scarpetta take the bones of Fred and Deborah to Washington, DC?

3. What object belonging to Deborah was handled by the person that gave her directions to the rest stop?

4. When Pat Harvey shows Hilda a picture of Deborah, what does Hilda immediately know?

5. As Chapter 2 opens, Kay Scarpetta is invited to lunch by whom?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Linda, the firearms expert who works with Scarpetta.

2. Describe how Pat Harvey might be feeling when she first arrives at the rest stop where her daughter's abandoned Jeep has been found.

3. How does Ozimek explain what she does?

4. Discuss why Scarpetta and Marino feel in Chapter 3 as if they've been "handled" by Benton Wesley.

5. What information is Scarpetta after when she meets Wesley for lunch in Chapter 9?

6. What does Pat Harvey believe about her daughter's death?

7. Why does Scarpetta wish to avoid answering Pat's question about the search-and-rescue dog in Chapter 2?

8. In Chapter 2, why does Pat Harvey question Scarpetta about the murder of the other couples?

9. What prompts Pat Harvey to call in a psychic, Hilda Ozimek?

10. Describe Scarpetta's reaction to the newspaper headlines after the abandoned Jeep was found.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Parent-child relationships are complex and sometimes difficult. Below are characters whose relationship with a parent is mentioned in the story. Explain the significance of the parent-child relationship, if any, to the development of the story or the character. Be sure to support your analysis with relevant examples from the book.

Kay Scarpetta

Steven Spurrier

Deborah Harvey

Essay Topic 2

Explain how each of the following pieces of information assisted in the development of either the plot or the characters in this story. Be specific in describing how you came to your conclusions.

Pat Harvey's husband having an affair

Pat Harvey's dislike of Fred Cheney

The mutual dislike between Pete Marino and Abby Turnbull

Essay Topic 3

All of the evidence gathered in the search of Steven Spurrier's was considered circumstantial. In fact, there was no conclusive evidence that ever linked Spurrier directly to The Couple Murders. Do you agree or disagree with Scarpetta, Wesley and others that Spurrier was the serial killer? What information from the book would you point to to support your conclusion. Be specific.

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