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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who killed Steven Spurrier?
(a) Bruce Cheney.
(b) Mark James.
(c) Abby Turnbull.
(d) Pat Harvey.

2. What mistake does Scarpetta think the killer made in the murder of Deborah Harvey?
(a) Dismembering Deborah Harvey.
(b) Decapitating Deborah Harvey.
(c) Shooting Deborah Harvey.
(d) Raping Deborah Harvey.

3. What activity did Harrington and Mott like to do together, for instance on Sunday mornings?
(a) Go to brunch.
(b) Crossword puzzles.
(c) Visit the zoo.
(d) Go to church.

4. Where did Jill Harrington go almost every week her third year in law school?
(a) Washington, DC.
(b) Quantico, Virginia.
(c) Annandale, Virginia.
(d) Richmond, Virginia.

5. How does Scarpetta know Anna Zenner?
(a) Scarpetta saw Anna professionally.
(b) From an old newspaper article.
(c) She had worked with another parent in Virginia.
(d) Scarpetta worked with Anna on special cases.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Scarpetta suspect is of greatest importance to the serial killer?

2. What does Scarpetta notice lying by a chair in a photo of Jill Harrington's apartment?

3. After Steven Spurrier's house is searched, what do Marino and Scarpetta surmise the killer does to the victims' cars?

4. What is located at Quantico, Virginia?

5. What does Marino tell Scarpetta about Abby Turnbull and Clifford Ring?

Short Essay Questions

1. What's the significance of Jill Harrington not having any bills for a newspaper subscription?

2. In Chapter 16, what do Scarpetta and Marino learn about Steven Spurrier, the man that approached Scarpetta and Abby in the Williamsburg Restaurant?

3. After the meeting with Mr. Joyce, what does Scarpetta reason about the killer that leads her to the next step in her investigation?

4. What does the use of the Hydra-Shok bullet suggest to Scarpetta about the killer and the investigation?

5. Why aren't the results from the serology reports for Spurrier and the blood found in Elizabeth Mott's car considered conclusive?

6. What's the connection between Scarpetta and Anna Zenner and Jill Harrington?

7. What are some psychological factors Wesley shares with Scarpetta and Marino in Chapter 16 about the serial killer in the Couple Killings?

8. What were some of the reasons Scarpetta does not believe it was a rogue CIA agent or a professional hit man that killed Deborah Harvey and Fred Cheney?

9. What's the sequence of events that Marino thinks led to the murders of Spurrier and Abby Turnbull?

10. What are some reasons Scarpetta is convinced there's a link between Dammit and the Couple Killings?

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