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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Scarpetta notice lying by a chair in a photo of Jill Harrington's apartment?
(a) The New York Times Magazine.
(b) A Scrabble game.
(c) A high school yearbook.
(d) 100 Best Crossword Puzzles for 1982.

2. Who killed Steven Spurrier?
(a) Bruce Cheney.
(b) Mark James.
(c) Abby Turnbull.
(d) Pat Harvey.

3. Where is the last place Elizabeth Mott and Jill Harrington were seen together?
(a) A Super 8 Motel.
(b) The Anchor Bar and Grill.
(c) The Smoke Shop on the Green.
(d) A convenience store.

4. In Chapter 16, who has been staying at Scarpetta's house for several weeks?
(a) Scarpetta's mother.
(b) Mark James.
(c) Pete Marino.
(d) Abby Turnbull.

5. Who did Marino interview after Steven Spurrier is arrested?
(a) Steven Spurrier's mother who lived close-by.
(b) The store clerk at the Seven-Eleven where Deborah and Fred stopped.
(c) Steven Spurrier's girlfriend who lived in the same apartment complex.
(d) Steven Spurrier's brother in Texas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marino tell Scarpetta about the license plate number she gave him to check?

2. What activity did Harrington and Mott like to do together, for instance on Sunday mornings?

3. What is Scarpetta's relationship with her rescuer who leads her to Wesley's house?

4. Who is Mr. Joyce?

5. What is the other name for "The Farm"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it significant that Aranoff is not the man that approached Scarpetta and Abby that evening at the restaurant?

2. Describe what the authorities find in Spurrier's bookcases and living room in Chapter 17.

3. Describe Mr. Joyce and his relationship to Dammit.

4. After the meeting with Mr. Joyce, what does Scarpetta reason about the killer that leads her to the next step in her investigation?

5. Why doesn't Marino think Abby talked with anyone at the Post about the Couple Killings?

6. In Chapter 16, what do Scarpetta and Marino learn about Steven Spurrier, the man that approached Scarpetta and Abby in the Williamsburg Restaurant?

7. Why did Camp Peary come under suspicion soon after the Couple Killings started?

8. What's the sequence of events that Marino thinks led to the murders of Spurrier and Abby Turnbull?

9. What are some reasons Scarpetta is convinced there's a link between Dammit and the Couple Killings?

10. Describe Scarpetta's reactions to seeing Mark James.

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