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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Pat Harvey suspect is behind the murder of her daughter?
(a) The Panamanian government.
(b) The Richmond police.
(c) The FBI and other government agencies.
(d) The Mexican government.

2. What does the firearms expert tell Scarpetta about the bullet found in Deborah's spine?
(a) It was manufactured in Latin America.
(b) It is often found in victims of gang murders.
(c) It has not been produced for decades.
(d) It is similar to ones used by federal authorities.

3. What is a common feature of all the unsolved murders of teen couples?
(a) Keys still in the ignition of an abandonded boat.
(b) Keys still in the ignition of an abandonded car.
(c) Bodies are always found in an abandoned boat.
(d) Bodies are always found in an abandoned car.

4. What caused the intense reaction by one of the search and rescue dogs at the crime scene?
(a) Reaction to the handler's behavior.
(b) Reaction to a strong scent of human pheromones.
(c) Reaction to a skunk.
(d) The dog was getting sick.

5. Why do Scarpetta and Marino fly to South Carolina?
(a) To learn more about Fred Cheney's family.
(b) To learn more about the CIA.
(c) To learn more about the serial killer and victims.
(d) To find out where Marino's estranged wife is living.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who or what is called Neptune?

2. What does Pat Harvey want Scarpetta to give her?

3. What were the names of the two teenagers reported missing?

4. Why is Scarpetta angry with Abby?

5. Who gave Pat Harvey the tip about the possible drug activities of certain charities?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Pat Harvey might be feeling when she first arrives at the rest stop where her daughter's abandoned Jeep has been found.

2. Discuss why Scarpetta and Marino feel in Chapter 3 as if they've been "handled" by Benton Wesley.

3. What does Pat Harvey believe about her daughter's death?

4. What is the problem with the cartridge casing Scarpetta finds at the Cheney-Harvey murder scene?

5. Describe Scarpetta's reaction to the newspaper headlines after the abandoned Jeep was found.

6. How does Ozimek explain what she does?

7. How does Scarpetta's Italian background influence some of her decisions?

8. Give an example of Scarpetta's scientific approach examining the bodies of Harvey and Cheney in the woods.

9. How does Pat Harvey exert her influence to get a copy of the autopsy report of her daughter?

10. Why is Scarpetta reluctant to say Deborah Harvey was killed by a shot in the back?

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