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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mark James live?
(a) Quantico, Virginia.
(b) Denver, Colorado.
(c) It's not clear where he lives.
(d) Washington, DC.

2. What does Abby Turnbull notice on the car driven by the stranger who approached them in the restaurant parking lot after dinner?
(a) A large scrape on the bumper.
(b) A Colonial Williamsburg parking sticker.
(c) The rear bumper is a different color.
(d) A Quantico sticker on the bumper.

3. What is The Dealer's Room?
(a) A small shop that sells antique playing cards.
(b) A small pub right outside of Williamsburg.
(c) A small bookstore.
(d) A small business that trains car dealers.

4. What does Scarpetta suspect is of greatest importance to the serial killer?
(a) Where the victims live.
(b) The clothing victims are wearing.
(c) The identity of the victims.
(d) The location of the killings.

5. Who is Mr. Joyce?
(a) The owner of a small smoke shop.
(b) The owner of Dammit.
(c) An accident victim.
(d) The father of one of the teen victims.

6. Where is Elizabeth Mott's abandoned car found?
(a) A church parking lot.
(b) An apartment building parking lot.
(c) A motel parking lot.
(d) A rest area parking lot.

7. What is the explanation Scarpetta suggests for the blood in the back seat of Elizabeth's car?
(a) There was someone else in the backseat with the killer.
(b) The killer had a nosebleed
(c) The blood has nothing to do with the killer.
(d) The killer accidently cut himself.

8. What does Pat Harvey learn about her husband from an article in the Washington Post?
(a) He has always resented Pat's political aspirations.
(b) He was drunk in a bar the night Deborah disappeared.
(c) He is having an affair.
(d) He is a former CIA agent.

9. Why does Scarpetta want to speak with Anna Zenner?
(a) Zenner worked with Jill Harrington.
(b) Zenner has information about the bullet.
(c) Zenner received a visit from the FBI.
(d) Zenner had information on the killer.

10. How was Elizabeth Mott killed?
(a) She was shot in the neck and stabbed in the chest.
(b) Her throat was cut.
(c) She was shot in the back.
(d) She was strangled.

11. What was found in cemetery where the bodies of Elizabeth Mott and Jill Harrington are discovered?
(a) A shoe.
(b) Cigarette butts.
(c) A silver cigarette lighter.
(d) A spent cartridge casing.

12. Where is the last place Elizabeth Mott and Jill Harrington were seen together?
(a) The Smoke Shop on the Green.
(b) A Super 8 Motel.
(c) The Anchor Bar and Grill.
(d) A convenience store.

13. How was Jill Harrington murdered?
(a) She was shot and stabbed.
(b) She was strangled.
(c) She was stabbed 11 times.
(d) She was strangled and shot.

14. Scarpetta suspects the killer is familiar with which popular sport?
(a) Hunting.
(b) Fishing.
(c) Hiking.
(d) Wrestling.

15. Why does Abby Turnbull compare her relationship with Clifford Ring to the relationship of Elizabeth Mott and Jill Harrington?
(a) Both couples had to sneak around.
(b) Both couples enjoyed jogging.
(c) Both couples met at work.
(d) Both couples enjoyed doing crossword puzzles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who approaches Abby Turnbull and Scarpetta in the restaurant parking lot after their dinner meeting?

2. Who rescues Scarpetta when she gets lost looking for Wesley's house?

3. Why is Steven Spurrier arrested?

4. What medical condition does Scarpetta learn Steven Spurrier suffered from?

5. After Steven Spurrier is arrested, what do the police find searching his home?

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