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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Hilda describe the individual that she "sees" with Fred and Deborah when they disappeared?
(a) A tall, powerfully built man wearing a baseball cap.
(b) A small, dark-skinned man wearing a baseball cap.
(c) A slender, dark-complected man of medium height.
(d) A slender, light-complected man of medium height.

2. Who calls Dr. Sessions about the murders of Deborah and Fred?
(a) Director of the CIA.
(b) Clifford Ring.
(c) Director of the FBI.
(d) Abby Turnbull.

3. What does Abby Turnbull tell Scarpetta about her situation?
(a) She doesn't know anything about the missing teens.
(b) She should take a vacation.
(c) She deserves a pay raise for her work.
(d) She's being followed.

4. What does the firearms expert tell Scarpetta about the bullet found in Deborah's spine?
(a) It was manufactured in Latin America.
(b) It has not been produced for decades.
(c) It is similar to ones used by federal authorities.
(d) It is often found in victims of gang murders.

5. What does Scarpetta learn about Hilda Ozimek's findings?
(a) Scarpetta learns nothing.
(b) Scarpetta learns the parents were told the teens eloped.
(c) Scarpetta learns the parents were told the teens are okay.
(d) Scarpetta learns the parents were told the teens are dead.

6. What does Pete Marino think about Scarpetta's friend, Abby Turnbull?
(a) He thinks she's an ace reporter.
(b) He thinks she's working for the CIA.
(c) He doesn't like or trust her.
(d) He thinks she's an FBI informant.

7. When Scarpetta is paged, what does she learn?
(a) The serial killer has been identified.
(b) The missing teens were found at a motel.
(c) The missing teens have been spotted in Mexico.
(d) Two bodies have been found.

8. What is confirmed to Scarpetta at the luncheon meeting at the Globe and Laurel?
(a) There was no gun.
(b) The spent cartridge case was planted.
(c) A scrap of material was found in the Jeep.
(d) A knife was found at the murder site.

9. What town in South Carolina are Scarpetta and Marino looking for?
(a) Beaufort, South Carolina.
(b) Six Mile, South Carolina.
(c) West Bend, South Carolina.
(d) West Point, South Carolina.

10. How did the mother of one of the missing teens describe her teenager?
(a) Very messy.
(b) Very lazy.
(c) Very private.
(d) Very undisciplined.

11. When Scarpetta examines the bodies of Deborah Harvey and Fred Cheney in the woods, what does she notice?
(a) Body parts had been scattered.
(b) The bodies had been lying in a pond.
(c) The bones were mixed together in a jumbled heap.
(d) The bodies had been moved.

12. What does Scarpetta learn about Abby Turnbull?
(a) She's writing a book.
(b) She's gone to Europe.
(c) She's teaching.
(d) She's having a baby.

13. What happened to Abby Turnbull's sister?
(a) She became an alcoholic.
(b) She was murdered.
(c) She got into drugs.
(d) She went to prison.

14. In all of the unsolved teen murders, Scarpetta has not been able to do what?
(a) Identify the victims.
(b) Perform an autopsy.
(c) Determine the cause of death.
(d) Speak to parents.

15. What did Scarpetta say about the skulls of Deborah and Fred?
(a) The skulls were smaller than normal.
(b) The skulls weren't fractured.
(c) The skulls had a large dent.
(d) The skulls were an odd color.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the intense reaction by one of the search and rescue dogs at the crime scene?

2. Why doesn't Hilda meet Scarpetta and Marino at the airport?

3. Why were police called to the crime scene?

4. Who is sitting with Pat Harvey at the press conference?

5. What disguise do Scarpetta and the investigators think a serial killer might be using to lure victims?

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