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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wesley Benton ask Scarpetta to do with the results of the autopsy?
(a) To be sure the autopsy results were not seen by the CIA.
(b) To withold the autopsy results.
(c) To change the cause of death for Deborah Harvey.
(d) To release the autopsy results immediately.

2. Which missing teen's mother is dead?
(a) Bob Harvey.
(b) Pat Harvey.
(c) Fred Cheney.
(d) Pete Marino.

3. Why does Scarpetta take the bones of Fred and Deborah to Washington, DC?
(a) She wanted to confer with Dr. Vessey at the Smithsonian.
(b) She wanted to have the chief forensic specialist at Walter Reed Hospital examine the remains.
(c) She wanted to deliver the remains to the funeral home Pat Harvey had selected.
(d) She wanted to take the bones to the FBI lab.

4. Who does Pat Harvey suspect is behind the murder of her daughter?
(a) The Mexican government.
(b) The Richmond police.
(c) The FBI and other government agencies.
(d) The Panamanian government.

5. Who are the two investigators Scarpetta lunches with to discuss the missing teens case?
(a) Pete Marino and Bob Harvey.
(b) Abby Turnbull and Benton Wesley.
(c) Benton Wesley and Pete Marino.
(d) Bob Harvey and Dave Cheney.

6. What holiday weekend is being observed when the story opens?
(a) Fourth of July weekend.
(b) Memorial Day weekend.
(c) Labor Day weekend.
(d) Thanksgiving weekend.

7. Who is writing a book about the murdered couples?
(a) Pat Harvey.
(b) Pete Marino.
(c) Benton Wesley.
(d) Abby Turnbull.

8. Who calls in the psychic, Hilda Ozimek, on the missing teens' investigation?
(a) Pat Harvey.
(b) Kay Scarpetta.
(c) Abby Turnbull.
(d) Pete Marino.

9. What does Scarpetta learn about Abby Turnbull?
(a) She's having a baby.
(b) She's teaching.
(c) She's writing a book.
(d) She's gone to Europe.

10. What personal item of one of the missing teens was found at the crime scene?
(a) A purple scarf.
(b) A red purse.
(c) A black wallet.
(d) A blue backpack.

11. Who is Hilda Ozimek referring to when she uses the phrase, "defender, someone who does battle"?
(a) Pete Marino.
(b) Scarpetta.
(c) Jack of hearts.
(d) Pat Harvey.

12. Who found the bodies of Deborah and Fred?
(a) Fishermen.
(b) Hunters.
(c) Search and rescue dogs.
(d) A cemetery caretaker.

13. Why doesn't Hilda meet Scarpetta and Marino at the airport?
(a) She doesn't know Scarpetta and Marino were coming.
(b) She doesn't have enough money for gas.
(c) Her car is in for repairs.
(d) She doesn't drive anymore.

14. Scarpetta also learns one of the missing teens had what kind of medical procedure?
(a) A tonsillectomy.
(b) Plastic surgery.
(c) A knee operation.
(d) An appendectomy.

15. Who gave Pat Harvey the tip about the possible drug activities of certain charities?
(a) The CIA.
(b) Abby Turnbull.
(c) The FBI.
(d) Her daughter, Deborah.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Pat Harvey shows Hilda a picture of Fred Cheney, what does Hilda immediately know?

2. According to Scarpetta, why did Wesley move the bodies of Deborah and Fred in violation of procedure?

3. What information does Pat Harvey claim is being "covered-up" by the police, the FBI, and the Medical Examiner's Office?

4. How does the mother of one of the missing teens arrive at the crime scene?

5. What is the occupation of Scarpetta's friend, Abby Turnbull?

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