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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What caused the intense reaction by one of the search and rescue dogs at the crime scene?
(a) The dog was getting sick.
(b) Reaction to a strong scent of human pheromones.
(c) Reaction to the handler's behavior.
(d) Reaction to a skunk.

2. In the murders of Deborah and Fred, who does Marino think was killed first?
(a) Deborah Harvey.
(b) Fred and Deborah were killed together.
(c) Fred Cheney.
(d) Killer forced Fred to shoot Deborah.

3. What does Jay Morrell confess to Marino?
(a) He planted a dead dog that Scarpetta found.
(b) He planted the cartridge casing Scarpetta found.
(c) He planted a gun that Scarpetta found.
(d) He planted clothing with a bullet hole that Scarpetta found.

4. As Chapter 2 opens, Kay Scarpetta is invited to lunch by whom?
(a) Pat Harvey.
(b) Pete Marino.
(c) Bob Harvey.
(d) Deborah Harvey.

5. In all of the unsolved teen murders, Scarpetta has not been able to do what?
(a) Speak to parents.
(b) Determine the cause of death.
(c) Perform an autopsy.
(d) Identify the victims.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mr. Joyce?

2. Scarpetta learns the missing teens were varsity athletes in what sports?

3. In Chapter 10, who does Scarpetta suspect might be the serial killer?

4. What activity has the CIA been banned from carrying-out since the Ford Administration?

5. What happens when Scarpetta speaks to her lover on the phone?

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