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Jeep Cherokee

This object, discovered at a rest area, prompts an investigation for a missing couple.

Shoes and Socks

These objects, belonging to a murdered couple, are never recovered.

Jack of Hearts

This object is found either within the vehicles or with the bodies of the murdered couples. The object has a certain meaning within the military community, giving the CIA and the FBI reason to believe the killer has connections to Camp Peary or the military in general.

Left Proximal Phalange

Scarpetta finds a cut on this particular spot of one of the murder victims, implying the victim attempted to attack the killer. This gives Scarpetta a good idea of the type of knife used in the attack, a serrated blade common with military knives.

Hydro Shock Bullet

This object is found in the body of one of the murder victims. This object is associated with police...

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