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Rick Bragg
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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Charles feel about going to Korea to kill soldiers?

2. How did Sam torture Rick in the outhouse?

3. What does Rick regret about his grandfather?

4. What was Rick's mother's response when he asked her if he could write the book?

5. Why were the Bragg boys "usual suspects" in the John Sparks case?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Rick miss his grandmother's death?

2. What did the Bragg men talk about on the front porch over whiskey after dinner?

3. What was the Korean War story that Charles told to Rick?

4. Why did the boys feel so out of place in their new home that their father moved them to when Rick was six?

5. What kind of work did the boys do for their Uncle Ed? What did Rick learn from this work? What did Sam learn from this work?

6. What kind of a father did Rick have?

7. Why was Rick one of the usual suspects after a crime was committed, and how did he react to the whole situation?

8. What did Rick experience at the Protestant Church that he attended when he is young?

9. What did the poor black boy bring to Rick's family, and what does Rick think about it now that he is an older man?

10. What kind of an extended family does Rick have?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What historical lesson did Rick Bragg teach his readers about Haiti? How has this story affected Rick, and what did he hope the story would continue to do to his readers?

Essay Topic 2

Compare the three brothers. How do their differences affect the choices that they make in life?

Essay Topic 3

How did the Nieman Fellowship and the Harvard education validate Rick? What was he looking for validation for? Did it change him? How so?

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