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Rick Bragg
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did momma feel about Mark's jail terms?
(a) Shame.
(b) Fear.
(c) Injustice.
(d) Anger.

2. What kind of people did Rick write about from Immokalee, Florida?
(a) Criminals.
(b) Poor migrant workers who drank too much.
(c) Crew bosses.
(d) The homeless.

3. Rosario told Rick that he confronted the armed man in his store for what reason?
(a) Rosario cannot trust that the robber will take the money without shooting him.
(b) Rosario worries that the robber will shoot up the store.
(c) Rosario knows the police won't help.
(d) Rosario has been robbed so many times that he just wants to shoot them.

4. How did Rick compare himself to his father?
(a) He said that his father's faults made him a better man.
(b) He said they are completely different.
(c) He said that he is a winner and his father a loser.
(d) He said that in many ways they were the same.

5. What statue stands in Kelly Ingram Park in Birmingham?
(a) George Wallace.
(b) Rosa Parks.
(c) Martin Luther King Jr.
(d) Bear Bryant.

6. What was the wall in Brooklyn that Rick wrote about?
(a) A tribute to the leaders of the gangs.
(b) A division between races.
(c) A tribute to those killed in the streets there.
(d) A memorial to soldiers.

7. What did Rick claim as the highlight of his stay in Tampa?
(a) The hurricanes.
(b) A serial killer.
(c) A surfer named Topsy.
(d) A story about a chicken named Mopsy.

8. How long had momma lived in the little house?
(a) Forty years.
(b) Thirty years.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Twenty years.

9. What storm stopped Rick from leaving for his Fellowship on the day he was supposed to?
(a) Hurricane Andrew.
(b) Hurricane Charlie.
(c) Hurricane Katrina.
(d) Hurricane Francis.

10. What did the young South Carolina woman say happened to her two boys?
(a) That a Hispanic boy car jacked them.
(b) That a black man jumped in her car and drove away with them in it.
(c) That she left them in the car unattended when she came back, they were gone.
(d) That she does not know what happened to them.

11. How did Margaret react to her trip to New York City?
(a) All she wanted to do was to go home.
(b) She was too afraid to really experience it.
(c) She was speechless.
(d) She was thrilled and astonished.

12. Why was Rick so nervous about his Fellowship interview?
(a) It was a test to him to see if he belonged in educated society.
(b) His friends told him he was not cut out for it.
(c) His editor told him he was a shoe in.
(d) He wanted it more than anything he had ever wanted.

13. What did Rick do for Dirty Red?
(a) He helped him find a good lawyer.
(b) He convinced him to tell his story.
(c) He wrote a story about his innocence.
(d) He sent counseling to his home.

14. How did Margaret feel about Rick living away from his family most of his life?
(a) She was sad that he did not want to come home.
(b) She was angry that he did not come home enough.
(c) She was glad that he got out.
(d) She understood that it is for the best.

15. What story brought Rick back home in 1994?
(a) A church that was hit by a tornado.
(b) A gunman who opened fire at a church.
(c) A hurricane that tore down a school.
(d) A woman who killed her children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Rick do at the old little house that momma did not?

2. What happened to Mark that kept Margaret shaking for days?

3. What are the cemeteries like in Haiti?

4. What was the one gift that Rick wanted more than anything to give his mother?

5. What kind of stories did Rick write for the St. Petersburg Times while living in St. Petersburg after the Fellowship?

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