All Over but the Shoutin' Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rick Bragg
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• Rick Bragg begins the Prologue by stating that anyone could tell this story.

• Anyone who comes from poverty.

• Anyone whose father is a raging drunk.

• Anyone whose mother sacrifices for the sake of her children.

• Anyone who grows up in northeastern Alabama.
• Rick Bragg states that he tells his family story in order to repay his mother for all of her suffering.

• He also tells the story because he is a writer for the New York Times, and so he gets paid to write it.

• Rick put off writing the book for ten years. Then his grandmother died, so he felt an urgency to write it.

• A woman's heartbreaking story of the shooting death of her child makes Rick realize that he needs to write as the woman tells him that only if it is written down will people remember.
• Rick goes home for his grandmother's funeral...

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