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Fox Butterfield
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would Willie get if convicted of a felony?
(a) 25 years.
(b) Not guilty for reason of insanity.
(c) Life in prison.
(d) 15 years.

2. Where did the juvenile court judge send Willie to be confined?
(a) Rostok.
(b) Bellevue.
(c) Spofford.
(d) Wiltwyck.

3. When did Butch become a full-time student?
(a) 1972.
(b) 1969.
(c) 1971.
(d) 1970.

4. Who gave Willie the ring to give to his fiancee?
(a) His correctional officer.
(b) Laura.
(c) Slene.
(d) A former cell mate.

5. What was Willie's nick-name according to Part III, Chapter 8?
(a) Shy.
(b) Tiny.
(c) Crooky.
(d) Booby.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Willie put on trial when he was being accused of attempted murder?

2. How long did Willie stay in the hospital?

3. What did Tom Pottenburgh do that led to a riot?

4. Why was Michael Schoenfield in prison?

5. What did Butch start after being cornered by the police?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did William decide to do for his case?

2. What did the Bellevue staff conclude about Willie in Part III, Chapter 10?

3. What did Willie believe about a social compact?

4. Who was Carey and why was he being attacked?

5. What was Butch surprised about in Part V, Chapter 15?

6. What happened when police backed Butch into a corner and what did this reveal?

7. Why did Willie believe he beat the system?

8. What did Laura insist when Willie was sent home?

9. What did Willie decide a few days after his father's death?

10. What does the Epilogue demonstrate about prisons?

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