All God's Children Short Essay - Answer Key

Fox Butterfield
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1. What was the most violent county in the United States according to Part 1, Chapter 1?

According to Part 1, Chapter 1, Edgefield County was the most violent county in the United states and was known for the violent events that occurred there.

2. Where were slaves kept for over a century?

For over a century, slaves were kept on Mount Willing in Edgefield prior to them being identified by name.

3. Who was Aaron Bosket?

Aaron Bosket was the great-great grandfather of Willie Bosket who was also a slave and first appeared on voter registration records in 1868 in Mount Willing of Edgefield County.

4. What was the nickname for Edgefield and what was the crime rate?

The crime rate for Edgefield was four times that of Massachusetts, which helped to give Edgefield its name of "Bloody Edgefield."

5. What violent conditions did Scottish-Irish settlers perpetuate?

Scottish-Irish settlers in the region perpetuated violent conditions by continuing a warrior code of ethics that demanded vengeance in the form of knockdown drag out fighting or wrestling. The violence had its roots in the feuds between both families and clans during the Middle Ages, during which time honor was everything.

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