Objects & Places from All God's Children

Fox Butterfield
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Edgefield County

This region was located in South Carolina and had an unusual history of violence.

Augusta, Georgia

This was where the family relocated after the death of a family member.


This was where the family moved in the 1950's hoping it would bring the same promise given to other blacks in the 1920's.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This was where two men were killed in a pawnshop.


This was a maximum security prison where a prisoner was held before changing his path.


This was a juvenile detention facility where the two young men showed the most promise.

The Street Code/The Honor Culture

This belief encouraged men to act violently to maintain honor and was internalized by black slaves and their descendants.

Bosket Knives

Many of the men in the Bosket family carried this weapon.

Phi Beta Kappa

This was an academic society that accepted its...

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