All God's Children Multiple Choice Test Questions

Fox Butterfield
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Part I, Chapter 1, Bloody Edgefield

1. What county was the most violent of the United States according to Part 1, Chapter 1?
(a) Highfield County.
(b) Boldfield County.
(c) Lowfield County.
(d) Edgefield County.

2. What mount were many slaves kept at for over a century?
(a) Mount Willing.
(b) Mount Confederate.
(c) Mount Solidarity.
(d) Mount Simple.

3. When did the name of Willie Bosket's great, great grandfather appear on the voter registration list?
(a) 1869.
(b) 1867.
(c) 1868.
(d) 1866.

4. What was the name of Willie Bosket's great, great grandfather?
(a) Aaron Bosket.
(b) Robert Bosket.
(c) Lusius Bosket.
(d) Morgan Bosket.

5. What happened in the late 1860's?
(a) Former slaves were allowed to vote.
(b) Blacks were given land.
(c) Whites were expelled from their plantations.
(d) A series of revolts rocked the plantations.

6. What is an integral part of the history of the county according to Part 1, Chapter 1?
(a) Plantations.
(b) Rhum.
(c) Former slaves.
(d) Free elections.

7. When were the people numbed toward violence?
(a) From1760 to 1790.
(b) From 1760 to 1780.
(c) From1750 to 1780.
(d) From1770 to 1790.

8. What was the nickname of the county?
(a) Bloody Lowfield.
(b) Bloody Edgefield.
(c) Bloody Boldfield.
(d) Bloody Highfield.

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