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All God's Children Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Fox Butterfield
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Essay Topics

Discuss the warrior ethic and its implications for those living in South Carolina.

Examine the history of slavery in South Carolina and discuss how slavery created a culture of violence.

Discuss the new freedoms that freedmen benefited from and examine the new implications of what it meant to be free.

Choose two of Ruben's masters during slavery and compare and contrast their thinking and methods.

Examine the double-standard created on plantations and the threat to the fabric of social life.

Analyze of the significance of the "the New Negro" and the implications that this new generation had in South Carolina.

Discuss the impact of the Jim Crow Laws and how such laws was a sign of a new era of deteriorated race relations.

Examine the difference between law and lawlessness and why the justice system was illegitimate in the eyes of blacks.

Compare the relationship between Pud and...

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