All God's Children Character Descriptions

Fox Butterfield
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Butch Bosket - This person was born in 1941 and exhibited signs of schizophrenia early in life, but had an IQ of at least 130. He was sent to prison for murdering two men, but was eventually paroled after becoming a successful student.

Willie Bosket - This person's mother was verbally and emotionally abusive. He was imprisoned at age 9, released at age 15, and then went on to kill two men and commit hundreds of robberies.

Laura Bosket - This person harbored resentment towards her spouse and took it out on a child, and then gave the child up at an early age.

James Bosket - This person contracted syphilis and engaged in a life of crime, molesting family members and beating a spouse.

Pud Bosket - This person died in a car accident at an early age, but was known as a violent and bad person.

Aaron Bosket -...

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