All God's Children Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Fox Butterfield
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Part I, Chapter 1, Bloody Edgefield

• In Part I, Chapter 1, we learn that Edgefield was the most violent county in the United States for many years.

• It is in Edgefield that Aaron Bosket's name appeared on the voters registration record for the first time.

• Slaves were an integral part of Edgefield history.
• Edgefield was called "Bloody Edgefield" because of the high rate for murder.

• Edgefield had a higher rate of murder than Massachusetts through the 1930's.
• The Scottish and Irish code of honor, as well as family and clan feuds dating back to the Middle Ages, increased the violence.

• Honor became a passion that called for retaliation after retaliation.

Part I, Chapter 2, Masters and Slaves

• In Part I, Chapter 2, we learn of Thomas Bauskett buying a young slave, Ruben, for his son John.

• Bauskett was a plantation owner with 221 slaves.

• Ruben eventually took the name Bauskett.
• Thanks to slavery...

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