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Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 46, Herriot has a theory which might be summed up by saying what?

2. What is the name of the region where Herriot is living?

3. Who are the Altons?

4. How does Tristan wreck the Austin?

5. What is wrong with Helen's animal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What important character is introduced in chapter 40 and how does Herriot meet this person?

2. Through out chapter 46, Herriot gives anecdotes to prove a point, what is the point?

3. Where do Helen and James Herriot spend their honeymoon and why?

4. How would you describe Herriot's relationship with farmer Worley and why?

5. In chapter 58, Herriot describes a man's cow who has some bad habits. What are they?

6. List four things Herriot tells us about Tim Alton.

7. Why does Dr. Farnon not get the job at the racetrack?

8. The Rudd's are a large, poor farming family. What does Herriot discover about how they have enough for everyone at mealtime?

9. What important responsibility does Herriot take on in chapter 41? Why is this so important?

10. What major mistake does Herriot make early on when he is inspecting for tuberculosis?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dr. Herriot is very confident in some areas of his life and very unsure of himself in other areas of his life. Give examples to support the previous statement and explain why you believe he could be characterized as being sure or unsure of himself.

Essay Topic 2

Mrs. Pumphrey is an example of someone whose love of animals causes real problems for her pets and for Herriot. Explain this idea and whether you agree or disagree with it. Give examples to support your opinions.

Essay Topic 3

Through out the book, Herriot shows an uncanny ability to diagnose problems with animals. List several examples of this ability. He also has at least one instance when he makes a wrong diagnosis; summarize this occurrence, then explain some of the difficulties a vet faces in deciding what is wrong with an animal.

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