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Short Answer Questions

1. At whose expense does everyone at Dr. Harnon's practice get a good laugh?

2. Tristan does not do his new job well, what is the result?

3. What ailment does Mr. Handshaw's cow have?

4. Who is ill in this chapter?

5. What other diagnosis does Herriot make?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly explain what a knacker does.

2. Who is Miss Harbottle and why does she get upset with Dr. Farnon?

3. What unpleasant task does Herriot deal with in chapter 25?

4. What lesson do you think Herriot learns in chapter 34?

5. How do the events in chapter 37 reflect Dr. Farnon's lack of consistentcy?

6. How would you describe Herriot?

7. How would you describe Dr. Farnon?

8. The book shares a lot of difficult stories about caring for animals in distress. Chapter 9 focuses on another aspect of this veterinary practice, what is this chapter's focus?

9. What community disaster involving Tristan happens in chapter 16?

10. How does Herriot astound Phin Calvert with his treatments?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

James Herriot's book is an account of young man who moves into a new community, begins a new career, and has to establish a new group of relationships. List and explain several of the major adjustments Herriot had to make in his life. Give examples of how he established a new life.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Dr. Farnon with James Herriot. Discuss both professional and personal areas where they are alike and different. Give examples.

Essay Topic 3

Dr. Farnon has real difficulty collecting money from his clients. Summarize examples from the book which highlight this problem. Why do you think he continued to treat animals for individuals who did not pay? What could he have done differently that would have helped solve this problem?

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