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Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter nine Tristan and Herriot treat a cow with a condition called prolapse, what is this?

2. Chapter 16 is occupied primarily with the story of Tristan and what task?

3. Tristan next is asked to care for a dog which has what problem?

4. In chapter 24, there is another problem between what two characters?

5. What is a knacker?

Short Essay Questions

1. What trait do you think is revealed about Dr. Farnon in chapter 27. Briefly explain your answer.

2. In chapter 21, Tristan is given a very tough assignment. What is the task and what do you think it says about Dr. Farnon?

3. What community disaster involving Tristan happens in chapter 16?

4. Briefly describe how Tristan handles a tough assignment in chapter 24.

5. How would you describe Herriot?

6. Briefly describe the embarrassing event that happens to Herriot in this chapter.

7. What lesson do you think Herriot learns in chapter 34?

8. Ticki Woo shows up in chapter 13 and reappears later in the book. Why do you think Herriot includes accounts of Ticki Woo and its owner?

9. How does Herriot astound Phin Calvert with his treatments?

10. Briefly explain the compelling episode with the farmer named Watson.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do you think Herriot seems to be more attracted to the poorer families in the community or to the wealthier families? Explain your answer citing examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Write a summary of the events that led to Helen and James Herriot's marriage. Were you surprised that they finally did get married? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 3

List 5 characters you liked in the book and 5 characters you disliked. Explain your choices and use examples from the book to support your opinions.

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