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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Farnon tell Herriot about his career?
(a) that he must learn to be more caring
(b) that he should look to do something else
(c) that one day he will be a partner in the practice
(d) that he would like to sell his practice

2. After "bleeding" the animal, what does Dr. Farnon prescribe?
(a) a new trial vaccine
(b) no food for 3 days
(c) a round of antibiotics
(d) letting it stand in a stream

3. How does Tristan wreck the Austin?
(a) he hits a fence
(b) he leaves it out of gear
(c) he side swipes another car
(d) he runs into a ditch

4. What is the family name of the cattle farmers who are four brothers?
(a) the Griers
(b) the Collins
(c) the Meadows
(d) the Hugills

5. What unusual step does Herriot take in treating this animal?
(a) he puts it down without the owner's permission
(b) he operates and lances the throat abscess
(c) he asks Dr. Farnon to come and help him
(d) he prays over the animal

Short Answer Questions

1. On another occasion when a farmer faints, Herriot leaves the farmer's change on a pail, how much does the farmer say he is short?

2. What is the name of the region where Herriot is living?

3. In chapter 49, what is wrong with the Austin?

4. While he is at the Alderson home, what does Herriot ask Mr. Alderson?

5. Who is Mr. Worley?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do Helen and James Herriot spend their honeymoon and why?

2. What amusing events happen to Tristan in chapter 39?

3. When Helen comes to the office with her dog what does Herriot do?

4. How does Herriot save the Rudd's cow?

5. What seems to upset Miss Stubbs about her impending death, and what does Herriot tell her that seems to give her comfort?

6. Briefly describe Herriot's encounter with a Great Dane.

7. What important character is introduced in chapter 40 and how does Herriot meet this person?

8. What does Dr. Farnon do to Herriot in chapter 65 and why does he do it?

9. Do you think Herriot has a problem with farmer Sidlow? Why or why not?

10. Why do you think Herriot wants to take Helen to a movie about the Scots?

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