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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does he have to do to the animals?
(a) float their teeth
(b) trim their hooves
(c) worm them
(d) give them shots

2. What does Tristan think is causing Herriot be so frustrated?
(a) his misdiagnosis of the calf
(b) his relationship with Dr. Farnon
(c) the fact he hurt his foot when he kicked a box
(d) his relationship with Helen

3. What happens to Dr. Farnon while at the horsetrack?
(a) he falls and gets hurt badly
(b) he is asked to put a horse down
(c) he meets an old enemy
(d) he gets very drunk

4. What kind of animal does Dr. Farnon treat for a Gypsy family?
(a) a milk cow
(b) a billy goat
(c) a bullock
(d) a pony

5. Why does Dr. Farnon fuss at Herriot?
(a) for not fixing the car
(b) for not having Tristan fix the car
(c) for denting up the car
(d) for not telling him about the car

Short Answer Questions

1. What problem does Herriot help the butcher solve?

2. How would you characterize the Rudd family at the end of this episode?

3. What does Herriot wear to his first date with Helen?

4. Why does Tristan end up driving the Austin?

5. Where are the cattle's identifying tattoos located?

Short Essay Questions

1. How would you describe Herriot's relationship with farmer Worley and why?

2. How does Herriot save the Rudd's cow?

3. Where do Helen and James Herriot spend their honeymoon and why?

4. Through out chapter 46, Herriot gives anecdotes to prove a point, what is the point?

5. What does Dr. Farnon do to Herriot in chapter 65 and why does he do it?

6. In chapter 58, Herriot describes a man's cow who has some bad habits. What are they?

7. Why does Tristan decide that Herriot should go to a dance?

8. What does Herriot do to make a point to the local butcher about paying his bill?

9. What happens when Herriot responds to a call in the middle of a snowstorm?

10. What seems to upset Miss Stubbs about her impending death, and what does Herriot tell her that seems to give her comfort?

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