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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr. Farnon's procedure results in better health for the cow, what is the other result?
(a) Dr. Farnon is covered with a foul fluid from the cow
(b) Dr. Farnon gets angry at his client
(c) Dr. Farnon is injured
(d) Herriot is injured

2. What problem do the six steers have in this chapter?
(a) they are foundered
(b) they have lead poisoning
(c) they have food poisoning
(d) they are overheated

3. Herriot has to go and stay with what character?
(a) Mrs. Pumphrey
(b) Crawford
(c) Angus Grier
(d) Don Collins

4. What happens because of this discovery?
(a) Herriot must repay the money
(b) Miss Harbottle scolds Dr. Farnon
(c) Dr. Farnon and Herriot have a fight
(d) Dr. Farnon and Tristan have a fight

5. Herriot and Grier are both of what ancestry?
(a) they are both French
(b) they are both Irish
(c) they are both from Wales
(d) they are both Scots

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Herriot help Grier do?

2. A local resident shares a remedy for lameness with Herriot; what is the remedy?

3. What has just happened in Tristan's life?

4. Who is Nugent?

5. What illness does Dan Cooper's cow have?

Short Essay Questions

1. The book shares a lot of difficult stories about caring for animals in distress. Chapter 9 focuses on another aspect of this veterinary practice, what is this chapter's focus?

2. Herriot is from the city. What does chapter 10 show us about the difference between the way rural folk approach life and how urban residents approach life?

3. Briefly explain the compelling episode with the farmer named Watson.

4. How does Herriot stand up for what is right in chapter 28?

5. What unexpected fact about Dr Grier and one of his clients, named Mrs Mallard, does Herriot uncover?

6. Ticki Woo shows up in chapter 13 and reappears later in the book. Why do you think Herriot includes accounts of Ticki Woo and its owner?

7. Chapter 11 deals with what kind of relationship?

8. What mistake does Herriot make in chapter 32?

9. Explain briefly how chapters 14 and 15 continue to show us Tristan's lack of responsibility?

10. How do the events in chapter 37 reflect Dr. Farnon's lack of consistentcy?

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