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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Miss Harbottle come to the vet's office?
(a) because of Tristan's mistakes
(b) because of a sick animal
(c) she is expecting
(d) because she is attracted to Dr. Farnon

2. Ruth Bellerby asks Herriot to take her to what event?
(a) the fair
(b) church
(c) a carnival
(d) a concert

3. This animal has a number of health issues, many are caused by what?
(a) Mrs. Pumphrey is ill
(b) Mrs. Pumphrey pampers her animal too much
(c) Mrs. Pumphrey is poor
(d) Mrs. Pumphrey is too old to care for her animal

4. Who is Angus Grier?
(a) a pub owner
(b) a local farmer
(c) a neighboring veterinarian
(d) the local parson

5. In chapter 12, Tristan is given what responsibility?
(a) feeding the stock animals
(b) answering the early morning calls
(c) taking care of monthly billing and receipts
(d) becoming the housekeeper

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Herriot help Grier do?

2. Herriot is given what type of car to drive?

3. During this account an animal does something to Herriot, what is it?

4. Ticki Woo is ill, what is wrong?

5. Herriot has to go and stay with what character?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly explain the compelling episode with the farmer named Watson.

2. In Chapter 6 what does Dr. Farnon do in support of Herriot?

3. Briefly describe Angus Grier.

4. How does Herriot help Ticki Woo in chapter 30.

5. Herriot is from the city. What does chapter 10 show us about the difference between the way rural folk approach life and how urban residents approach life?

6. Explain briefly how chapters 14 and 15 continue to show us Tristan's lack of responsibility?

7. How do the events in chapter 37 reflect Dr. Farnon's lack of consistentcy?

8. What trait do you think is revealed about Dr. Farnon in chapter 27. Briefly explain your answer.

9. The book shares a lot of difficult stories about caring for animals in distress. Chapter 9 focuses on another aspect of this veterinary practice, what is this chapter's focus?

10. Briefly describe how Tristan handles a tough assignment in chapter 24.

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