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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mrs. Pumphrey calls again about Nugent, what problem does she say he has?
(a) he will not eat
(b) he has become to agressive
(c) excessive urination
(d) milk fever

2. Dr. Farnon's procedure results in better health for the cow, what is the other result?
(a) Herriot is injured
(b) Dr. Farnon is covered with a foul fluid from the cow
(c) Dr. Farnon is injured
(d) Dr. Farnon gets angry at his client

3. What is wrong with the cow the vets visit in chapter 3?
(a) mastitis
(b) it needs help delivering
(c) it has a sore mouth
(d) it has a sore hoof

4. Chapter 18 focuses on Herriot remembering an event which took place where?
(a) at a local pub
(b) near his veterinary school
(c) in a client's barn
(d) in Dr. Farnon's car

5. The Copfield farm is known for what?
(a) the stable of horses
(b) wild cattle
(c) the wool from its sheep
(d) the size of its hogs

Short Answer Questions

1. Ruth Bellerby asks Herriot to take her to what event?

2. Herriot falls asleep after the party while he is doing what?

3. What kind of animal does Mrs. Pumphrey have?

4. What does Jeff Mallock do for a living?

5. Who invites Herriot to a party?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the events in chapter 37 reflect Dr. Farnon's lack of consistentcy?

2. How would you describe Dr. Farnon?

3. Explain briefly how chapters 14 and 15 continue to show us Tristan's lack of responsibility?

4. In what amusing way does Mrs. Pumphrey describe Herriot's relationship with her animals?

5. Who is Miss Harbottle and why does she get upset with Dr. Farnon?

6. Briefly explain what a knacker does.

7. Why do you think the episode with the Coopers is important?

8. Briefly describe Angus Grier.

9. What happens in chapter 31 that helps to show Herriot's human side?

10. In Chapter 5, Herriot has to make a difficult decision; how does the character Soames make the decision more difficult?

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