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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Herriot caught in a fierce snow storm?
(a) he trying to find a farm to answer a call
(b) he was out too late with Helen
(c) Tristan took a wrong turn and they got lost
(d) he stayed too late a pub and drank too much

2. Who is Tip?
(a) a farmer's dog who is very mistreated
(b) a farmer's dog who bites Herriot's leg
(c) a farmer's dog who sleeps on the front step
(d) a farmer's dog who gets stuck in a well

3. In chapter 46, Herriot has a theory which might be summed up by saying what?
(a) smaller farmers are more apt to faint
(b) the big ones always pass out first
(c) men faint quicker than women
(d) women faint quicker than men

4. What problem does Dr. Farnon have with the local butcher?
(a) he won't pay his bill
(b) he has complained about Herriot
(c) he has overcharged Dr. Farnon for some sausage
(d) he sales bad meat

5. What is unique about Helen compared to the other characters in the book?
(a) she is from Herriot's home town
(b) she is married to a very mean man
(c) she is a young woman about Herriot's age
(d) she is blind

6. Who are the Bramleys?
(a) a family of 4 bachelors and a sister who is a spinster
(b) a family with a prize Shorthorn cow
(c) a poor family with 7 children
(d) the family who owns the house where Helen lives

7. What kind of dog does Denham have?
(a) an english setter
(b) an english bulldog
(c) a great dane
(d) a yorkshire terrier

8. Why is progress so difficult for Herriot to make with his relationship with Helen?
(a) Helen's boyfriend
(b) his own shyness
(c) Helen's shyness
(d) Helen lives so far away

9. What problem does Dr. Farnon constantly have to battle?
(a) Herriot's incompetence
(b) non-paying clients
(c) alcoholism
(d) his temper

10. Where are the cattle's identifying tattoos located?
(a) on their bellies
(b) on their ears
(c) on their front shoulders
(d) on their hips

11. Why does Tristan end up driving the Austin?
(a) he has sold his car
(b) its the only car the veterinarians own
(c) he had wrecked his own car
(d) his car has a bad battery

12. What happens to Herriot?
(a) he and Tristan have a fight
(b) he goes back to Helen's house and spends the night
(c) he sleeps in the Austin overnight
(d) he gets lost while walking in the blizzard

13. Who is The Major?
(a) Dr. Farnon's favorite non-paying customer
(b) the local constable
(c) Dr. Farnon's father
(d) Herriot's father

14. What new title and responsibility does Herriot take on?
(a) Local Minister of the Anglican Church
(b) Local Veterinary Inspector for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
(c) Local Veterinary Inspector of the Local Constable
(d) Local Constable of the Dales

15. Why is Herriot called to the Alderson's home?
(a) to operate on their dog
(b) because Helen's mother is ill
(c) to help deliver a calf
(d) to put down a horse

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Farnon tell Herriot about his career?

2. In the end, what does Herriot buy from the butcher?

3. What happens to Miss Stubbs' dog, Ben?

4. How would you characterize the Rudd family at the end of this episode?

5. Who are the Altons?

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