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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Farnon lose at the horsetrack?
(a) his doctor's bag
(b) his car keys
(c) his cane
(d) his hat

2. What is wrong with Helen's animal?
(a) a rubber ball in its stomach
(b) a bone in its throat
(c) a high fever
(d) a broken leg

3. What kind of animals does Herriot have to work on when he goes to the Skipton farm?
(a) horses
(b) sheep
(c) pigs
(d) cows

4. Where are the cattle's identifying tattoos located?
(a) on their front shoulders
(b) on their hips
(c) on their ears
(d) on their bellies

5. What kind of animals does Herriot treat, with a new vaccine, for the Bramleys?
(a) piglets
(b) calves
(c) puppies
(d) kittens

6. Why does Herriot smell like flowers?
(a) he spent all day in a meadow with flowers
(b) he put on some women's purfume
(c) he was wearing Mrs. Hall's coat
(d) he took a bath in Mrs. Hall's bath salts

7. Who does Herriot have to borrow shoes from?
(a) Tristan
(b) Helen's father
(c) Angus Grier
(d) Dr. Farnon

8. What does Dr. Farnon have a chance to do while at the horsetrack?
(a) meet with the governor of Yorkshire
(b) eat at a very exclusive restaurant
(c) help the veterinarian with a horse that is down
(d) ride in a Rolls Royce

9. Why is Herriot caught in a fierce snow storm?
(a) Tristan took a wrong turn and they got lost
(b) he stayed too late a pub and drank too much
(c) he was out too late with Helen
(d) he trying to find a farm to answer a call

10. What is the name of the region where Herriot is living?
(a) Yorkshire
(b) Wales
(c) Middlesborough
(d) Devonshire

11. What is wrong with the animal?
(a) milk fever
(b) lead poisoning
(c) founder
(d) mastitis

12. In chapter 49, what is wrong with the Austin?
(a) it is out of gas
(b) it will not start
(c) it has a flat tire
(d) it has lost its brakes

13. Where do they go to eat?
(a) back to Skedale house
(b) a local inn and pub
(c) the nicest restaurant in town at a hotel
(d) to a restaurant in London

14. How would you characterize the Rudd family at the end of this episode?
(a) they are heart broken
(b) they have all contracted the same ailment
(c) they are furious with Herriot
(d) they couldn't be happier

15. How many dogs and cats does Miss Stubbs have?
(a) 3
(b) 8
(c) 2
(d) 5

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Herriot begin to date regularly?

2. How does Tristan wreck the Austin?

3. What problem does Herriot help the butcher solve?

4. What surprise does Dr. Farnon have for Herriot?

5. What is wrong with Sidlow's bullock?

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