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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What joke does a farmer play on Herriot?
(a) has him check out a sheep that is really a goat
(b) has him try to catch some wild cattle
(c) has him check out a mean cow
(d) has him check the udders on a bull

2. Who is The Major?
(a) Herriot's father
(b) the local constable
(c) Dr. Farnon's father
(d) Dr. Farnon's favorite non-paying customer

3. What activity is Herriot involved in which is illegal?
(a) drinking at 1a.m.
(b) taking money from Dr. Farnon
(c) acting as a vet without a license
(d) giving drugs away

4. What does Herriot wear to his first date with Helen?
(a) a tweed jacket
(b) a veterinarians coat
(c) a suit he's had since he was 17
(d) a pair of trousers and a shirt and tie

5. What does Dr. Farnon convince Herriot to do?
(a) buy the Austin
(b) take over the practice
(c) ask Helen to marry him (Herriot)
(d) begin to mentor Tristan

6. What is Herriot taking out of a cow's stomach when one farmer faints?
(a) a poisonous plant
(b) a wire
(c) a nail
(d) a rubber ball

7. What is wrong with Helen's animal?
(a) a bone in its throat
(b) a broken leg
(c) a high fever
(d) a rubber ball in its stomach

8. Herriot intends to bet on a horse, but misses the race. How did the horse he wanted to place his money on do in the race?
(a) doesn't finish at all
(b) places in 2nd at 10 to 1 odds
(c) shows in 3rd at 10 to 1 odds
(d) wins at 10 to 1 odds

9. What annual work-related event is taking place in this chapter?
(a) the start of horse racing season
(b) the time when lambs are born
(c) tuberculosis tests are done
(d) the time when piglets are born

10. Who do Connie and Herriot see unexpectedly?
(a) Tristan
(b) Helen
(c) Dr. Farnon
(d) Angus Grier

11. What is wrong the the man who collapses in front of Herriot and Helen?
(a) he has had a heart attack
(b) he is drunk
(c) he is having a seizure
(d) he has been shot

12. In the end, what does Herriot buy from the butcher?
(a) sausage
(b) a car
(c) a bone saw
(d) some bad meat

13. What surprise does Dr. Farnon have for Herriot?
(a) he is leaving to be the vet at the Northwest Racing Circuit
(b) he is retiring
(c) Tristan has moved out
(d) he makes Herriot a partner

14. What problem does Dr. Farnon have with the local butcher?
(a) he won't pay his bill
(b) he has complained about Herriot
(c) he has overcharged Dr. Farnon for some sausage
(d) he sales bad meat

15. Why is Herriot called to the Alderson's home?
(a) to help deliver a calf
(b) to put down a horse
(c) because Helen's mother is ill
(d) to operate on their dog

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Herriot do so he can see Helen more often?

2. What kind of animal does Herriot work on when he visits Helen's house?

3. What does Dr. Farnon lose at the horsetrack?

4. How is farmer Sidlow described?

5. What does Dr. Farnon tell Herriot about his career?

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