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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the cattle's identifying tattoos located?
(a) on their ears
(b) on their hips
(c) on their bellies
(d) on their front shoulders

2. What is wrong with Helen's animal?
(a) a broken leg
(b) a high fever
(c) a rubber ball in its stomach
(d) a bone in its throat

3. How is farmer Sidlow described?
(a) someone who is mean to his kids
(b) someone that Herriot learns to love in short order
(c) someone who waits too long to call the vet
(d) someone who takes special care of his animals

4. Who do Connie and Herriot see unexpectedly?
(a) Helen
(b) Dr. Farnon
(c) Tristan
(d) Angus Grier

5. What problem does Dr. Farnon have with the local butcher?
(a) he has overcharged Dr. Farnon for some sausage
(b) he won't pay his bill
(c) he has complained about Herriot
(d) he sales bad meat

6. Why does Herriot smell like flowers?
(a) he spent all day in a meadow with flowers
(b) he took a bath in Mrs. Hall's bath salts
(c) he put on some women's purfume
(d) he was wearing Mrs. Hall's coat

7. In the end, what does Herriot buy from the butcher?
(a) some bad meat
(b) a bone saw
(c) a car
(d) sausage

8. Why does Dr. Farnon fuss at Herriot?
(a) for not telling him about the car
(b) for not fixing the car
(c) for denting up the car
(d) for not having Tristan fix the car

9. Why is progress so difficult for Herriot to make with his relationship with Helen?
(a) his own shyness
(b) Helen lives so far away
(c) Helen's shyness
(d) Helen's boyfriend

10. What kind of animals does Herriot treat, with a new vaccine, for the Bramleys?
(a) kittens
(b) calves
(c) piglets
(d) puppies

11. What is Herriot taking out of a cow's stomach when one farmer faints?
(a) a nail
(b) a wire
(c) a poisonous plant
(d) a rubber ball

12. What kind of animal does Herriot work on when he visits Helen's house?
(a) a colt
(b) a calf
(c) a puppy
(d) a lamb

13. What does he have to do to the animals?
(a) worm them
(b) give them shots
(c) trim their hooves
(d) float their teeth

14. How many dogs and cats does Miss Stubbs have?
(a) 3
(b) 8
(c) 2
(d) 5

15. What does Dr. Farnon tell Herriot about his career?
(a) that he would like to sell his practice
(b) that one day he will be a partner in the practice
(c) that he should look to do something else
(d) that he must learn to be more caring

Short Answer Questions

1. What ultimately happens to the Rudd's animal in chapter 54?

2. To whom does the dog named Dan belong?

3. What character interrupts the trip to the Northwest Racing Circuit?

4. What problem does Dr. Farnon constantly have to battle?

5. Why does Herriot go to Mr. Kay's farm ?

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