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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is wrong with Dan?
(a) something in his stomach
(b) a dislocated hip
(c) a broken leg
(d) rabies

2. Where are the cattle's identifying tattoos located?
(a) on their ears
(b) on their hips
(c) on their bellies
(d) on their front shoulders

3. What does Dr. Farnon lose at the horsetrack?
(a) his hat
(b) his cane
(c) his car keys
(d) his doctor's bag

4. What problem does Herriot help the butcher solve?
(a) how to get his car running
(b) the birth of twin calves
(c) how to pay his bill to Dr. Farnon
(d) how to tell if meat is tainted

5. What activity to Denham and Herriot share in common?
(a) they both bet in the football pools
(b) they are both vets
(c) they both drive Austins
(d) they both date Helen

6. In chapter 49, what is wrong with the Austin?
(a) it is out of gas
(b) it has a flat tire
(c) it will not start
(d) it has lost its brakes

7. Who is Mr. Worley?
(a) the local constable
(b) a grocer
(c) a pig farmer and inn keeper
(d) a neighoring vet

8. What is Herriot taking out of a cow's stomach when one farmer faints?
(a) a rubber ball
(b) a nail
(c) a wire
(d) a poisonous plant

9. Who is Connie?
(a) Herriot's sister
(b) Helen's sister
(c) Miss Harbottle
(d) Herriot's date for a dance

10. What does Dr. Farnon use to clean the windshield of his car?
(a) his tie
(b) his coat
(c) a dead chicken
(d) a lady's scarf

11. Who is Queenie?
(a) Mr. Worley's horse
(b) Mr. Worley's dog
(c) Mr. Worley's milk cow
(d) Mr. Worley's sow

12. Why won't Dr. Farnon have it fixed?
(a) Herriot doesn't tell him about it
(b) he tells Herriot to fix it
(c) Tristan is supposed to fix it
(d) he just doesn't get around to it

13. What is noticeable about Mr. Tavener's physical condition?
(a) his hands shake
(b) he cannot speak
(c) he is very much overweight
(d) he has a distinct limp

14. How would you characterize the Rudd family at the end of this episode?
(a) they are furious with Herriot
(b) they couldn't be happier
(c) they have all contracted the same ailment
(d) they are heart broken

15. What happens when Tristan drives the Land Rover?
(a) he is sideswiped by another car
(b) he falls asleep and runs off the road
(c) it breaks down in the middle of a rain storm
(d) he hits a parked truck

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Miss Stubbs' animals when she dies?

2. In chapter 46, Herriot has a theory which might be summed up by saying what?

3. What is the name of the region where Herriot is living?

4. What does Dr. Farnon convince Herriot to do?

5. What special talent does Sam Broadbent possess ?

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