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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ultimately happens to the Rudd's animal in chapter 54?
(a) it makes a full recovery
(b) it dies while Herriot is working on it
(c) it dies during the night
(d) it must be put down

2. What is wrong with Sidlow's bullock?
(a) it has an obstruction in its throat
(b) it was injured when it got caught up in fencing
(c) it was not castrated properly
(d) it has metal in its stomach

3. To whom does the dog named Dan belong?
(a) Helen
(b) Angus
(c) Phin
(d) Connie

4. What is noticeable about Mr. Tavener's physical condition?
(a) he has a distinct limp
(b) he is very much overweight
(c) he cannot speak
(d) his hands shake

5. What does Herriot do so he can see Helen more often?
(a) he calls her often
(b) he joins the music society
(c) he takes her to a dance every week
(d) he checks on her animals on a regular basis

6. What method does Dr. Farnon use to finally convince The Major to pay his bill?
(a) none, he never gets him to pay
(b) he goes and confronts him
(c) he sends Tristan to collect the money
(d) he sends Herriot to collect the money

7. What is wrong with the animal?
(a) milk fever
(b) lead poisoning
(c) founder
(d) mastitis

8. What joke does a farmer play on Herriot?
(a) has him try to catch some wild cattle
(b) has him check out a mean cow
(c) has him check out a sheep that is really a goat
(d) has him check the udders on a bull

9. Why is progress so difficult for Herriot to make with his relationship with Helen?
(a) his own shyness
(b) Helen's shyness
(c) Helen lives so far away
(d) Helen's boyfriend

10. Who is The Major?
(a) the local constable
(b) Dr. Farnon's father
(c) Dr. Farnon's favorite non-paying customer
(d) Herriot's father

11. What new title and responsibility does Herriot take on?
(a) Local Veterinary Inspector for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
(b) Local Veterinary Inspector of the Local Constable
(c) Local Constable of the Dales
(d) Local Minister of the Anglican Church

12. Who are the Taveners?
(a) a family of 8 who have a Shorthorn cow that Herriot treats
(b) a family of 6 who raise sheep
(c) a poor family who own a pig that Herriot treats
(d) a wealthy family who own a dog that Herriot treats

13. What is the family name of the cattle farmers who are four brothers?
(a) the Hugills
(b) the Griers
(c) the Collins
(d) the Meadows

14. Herriot intends to bet on a horse, but misses the race. How did the horse he wanted to place his money on do in the race?
(a) doesn't finish at all
(b) wins at 10 to 1 odds
(c) shows in 3rd at 10 to 1 odds
(d) places in 2nd at 10 to 1 odds

15. What is wrong the the man who collapses in front of Herriot and Helen?
(a) he is having a seizure
(b) he is drunk
(c) he has had a heart attack
(d) he has been shot

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Herriot begin to date regularly?

2. Who is Tip?

3. What kind of animals does Herriot have to work on when he goes to the Skipton farm?

4. Who are the Bramleys?

5. What unusual step does Herriot take in treating this animal?

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