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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Herriot called to the Alderson's home?
(a) to operate on their dog
(b) because Helen's mother is ill
(c) to help deliver a calf
(d) to put down a horse

2. What problem does Dr. Farnon constantly have to battle?
(a) alcoholism
(b) non-paying clients
(c) his temper
(d) Herriot's incompetence

3. What is wrong with Dan?
(a) a dislocated hip
(b) a broken leg
(c) rabies
(d) something in his stomach

4. Who tries to help Herriot with his diagnosis?
(a) Dr. Farnon
(b) Miss Harbottle
(c) Tristan
(d) Helen

5. What has Dick Rudd just purchased?
(a) a registered stallion
(b) a prize Shorthorn cow
(c) a whole flock of sheep
(d) an award winning show dog

6. What special talent does Sam Broadbent possess ?
(a) he can run really fast
(b) he can whistle loudly
(c) he can sound like a fly
(d) he can ride a horse really well

7. What does Tristan think is causing Herriot be so frustrated?
(a) the fact he hurt his foot when he kicked a box
(b) his relationship with Dr. Farnon
(c) his relationship with Helen
(d) his misdiagnosis of the calf

8. Why does Dr. Farnon fuss at Herriot?
(a) for not fixing the car
(b) for denting up the car
(c) for not telling him about the car
(d) for not having Tristan fix the car

9. What kind of animal does Herriot work on when he visits Helen's house?
(a) a colt
(b) a lamb
(c) a puppy
(d) a calf

10. Where are the cattle's identifying tattoos located?
(a) on their bellies
(b) on their ears
(c) on their front shoulders
(d) on their hips

11. Who are the Taveners?
(a) a family of 8 who have a Shorthorn cow that Herriot treats
(b) a family of 6 who raise sheep
(c) a poor family who own a pig that Herriot treats
(d) a wealthy family who own a dog that Herriot treats

12. What does Dr. Farnon lose at the horsetrack?
(a) his doctor's bag
(b) his hat
(c) his cane
(d) his car keys

13. What does Dr. Farnon use to clean the windshield of his car?
(a) his coat
(b) a lady's scarf
(c) a dead chicken
(d) his tie

14. What is the family name of the cattle farmers who are four brothers?
(a) the Collins
(b) the Hugills
(c) the Griers
(d) the Meadows

15. What is wrong the the man who collapses in front of Herriot and Helen?
(a) he is having a seizure
(b) he has been shot
(c) he is drunk
(d) he has had a heart attack

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mr. Worley?

2. Why won't Dr. Farnon have it fixed?

3. What is noticeable about Mr. Tavener's physical condition?

4. How does Tristan wreck the Austin?

5. What happens when Tristan drives the Land Rover?

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