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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mr. Worley?
(a) a pig farmer and inn keeper
(b) the local constable
(c) a grocer
(d) a neighoring vet

2. After "bleeding" the animal, what does Dr. Farnon prescribe?
(a) no food for 3 days
(b) letting it stand in a stream
(c) a round of antibiotics
(d) a new trial vaccine

3. Who is Dick Rudd?
(a) a local farmer who is single
(b) a very poor local farmer
(c) a very rich local farmer
(d) a local farmer who will not share any of his belongings

4. What does Dr. Farnon have a chance to do while at the horsetrack?
(a) meet with the governor of Yorkshire
(b) eat at a very exclusive restaurant
(c) help the veterinarian with a horse that is down
(d) ride in a Rolls Royce

5. What happens to Connie and Herriot?
(a) they have a car wreck
(b) they get drunk and fall in the mud
(c) they get lost walking a night
(d) they are caught in a terrible thunderstorm

6. Who are the Altons?
(a) a poor family with a prize pig that Herriot treats
(b) a family of 8 who have a Shorthorn cow that Herriot treats
(c) a wealthy family who own a dog that Herriot treats
(d) a family of 6 who raise sheep

7. What is wrong with Sidlow's bullock?
(a) it has metal in its stomach
(b) it has an obstruction in its throat
(c) it was injured when it got caught up in fencing
(d) it was not castrated properly

8. In chapter 46, Herriot has a theory which might be summed up by saying what?
(a) smaller farmers are more apt to faint
(b) men faint quicker than women
(c) women faint quicker than men
(d) the big ones always pass out first

9. How is farmer Sidlow described?
(a) someone who waits too long to call the vet
(b) someone who takes special care of his animals
(c) someone that Herriot learns to love in short order
(d) someone who is mean to his kids

10. What is wrong with Dan?
(a) something in his stomach
(b) a dislocated hip
(c) rabies
(d) a broken leg

11. What unusual step does Herriot take in treating this animal?
(a) he puts it down without the owner's permission
(b) he prays over the animal
(c) he operates and lances the throat abscess
(d) he asks Dr. Farnon to come and help him

12. What does Dr. Farnon convince Herriot to do?
(a) begin to mentor Tristan
(b) buy the Austin
(c) ask Helen to marry him (Herriot)
(d) take over the practice

13. What activity is Herriot involved in which is illegal?
(a) acting as a vet without a license
(b) giving drugs away
(c) drinking at 1a.m.
(d) taking money from Dr. Farnon

14. What problem does Dr. Farnon have with the local butcher?
(a) he has complained about Herriot
(b) he sales bad meat
(c) he won't pay his bill
(d) he has overcharged Dr. Farnon for some sausage

15. Who is Harold Denham?
(a) a local millionaire
(b) a local constable
(c) a local farmer
(d) a local pub owner

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is progress so difficult for Herriot to make with his relationship with Helen?

2. What kind of animal does Dr. Farnon treat for a Gypsy family?

3. What does Herriot wear to his first date with Helen?

4. Who do Connie and Herriot see unexpectedly?

5. What is unique about Helen compared to the other characters in the book?

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