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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is ill in this chapter?
(a) Tristan
(b) Angus Grier
(c) Herriot
(d) Ticki Woo

2. Dr. Farnon wants the practice to be more professional so he breaks out what new item?
(a) new surgery instruments
(b) a new white coat
(c) a new operating table
(d) a new car

3. Who invites Herriot to a party?
(a) Tricki Woo
(b) Ruth
(c) Dr. Farnon
(d) Tristan

4. What has just happened in Tristan's life?
(a) he has just failed his veterinarian exams.
(b) he has just gotten out of jail
(c) he has just left his wife
(d) he has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness

5. Before Herriot and Ruth can leave what family event must take place?
(a) Ruth must read to her younger siblings
(b) children put to bed
(c) saying goodbye to Ruth's brother
(d) family dinner

6. Herriot is injured while trying to operate on what kind of animal?
(a) a bull
(b) a boar hog
(c) a stallion
(d) a ram

7. This chapter reveals that Dr. Farnon has a surprising following of _____________.
(a) children
(b) women
(c) cattle breeders
(d) interns

8. During this account an animal does something to Herriot, what is it?
(a) a horse picks him up by its mouth
(b) a horse kicks him
(c) a cat attacks him
(d) a dog bites him on the hand

9. In chapter 5 Herriot is called to treat a horse that is afflicted with torsion, what is this ailment?
(a) The intestines are twisted
(b) colic
(c) the ears are infected
(d) swollen joints

10. Who has been taking money from the petty cash box?
(a) Tristan
(b) Herriot
(c) Miss Harbottle
(d) Dr. Farnon

11. What ailment does Mr. Handshaw's cow have?
(a) prolapse
(b) she is trying to deliver
(c) milk fever
(d) she is malnurished

12. This chapter highlights a character fault of Dr. Farnon, what is it?
(a) he drinks heavily
(b) he misuses his money
(c) he constantly lies
(d) his lack of consistency

13. What is the treatment for the ailing bull in this chapter?
(a) spraying him down with cold water
(b) epson salt
(c) lancing his ear
(d) castration

14. Herriot has to go and stay with what character?
(a) Don Collins
(b) Crawford
(c) Mrs. Pumphrey
(d) Angus Grier

15. In chapter 31, what is Herriot called on to do?
(a) treat an ill ewe
(b) lance a pig's ear
(c) put down a cow
(d) help a mare with a delivery

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of animal does Mrs. Pumphrey have?

2. What is unusual about his appearance when he arrives at this farm?

3. Dr. Farnon and Herriot stop at what location on their way home?

4. In chapter 12, Tristan is given what responsibility?

5. What does Herriot realize is true about Angus Grier and Mrs. Mallard

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