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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Crawford, a local farmer complains about whom, at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Dr. Harnon
(b) Tristin
(c) Miss Harbottle
(d) Herriot

2. What is the name of Dr. Farnon's home?
(a) Yorkshire House
(b) Darrowby House
(c) Farnon House
(d) Skedale House

3. What gift is Herriot given as payment for this act?
(a) a used cigar
(b) dinner with the family
(c) a bag of coins
(d) a bottle of wine

4. Tristan next is asked to care for a dog which has what problem?
(a) it is lame
(b) it has been abandoned
(c) it is about to have puppies
(d) it has just had a tumor removed

5. Spring is also the time when what procedure is done on yearling horses?
(a) their hoofs are shod
(b) castration
(c) they must be curried
(d) their hoofs are trimmed

6. What is Herriot doing when he first meets Dr. Farnon?
(a) setting in the parlor
(b) talking to the housekeeper
(c) helping a client
(d) sleeping in the garden

7. Chapter 18 focuses on Herriot remembering an event which took place where?
(a) near his veterinary school
(b) in Dr. Farnon's car
(c) in a client's barn
(d) at a local pub

8. What does Mrs. Mallard say is wrong with her dog?
(a) it has a tumor
(b) excessive urination
(c) it has a bone in its throat
(d) it can't get up

9. What job does Tristan have to do for Dr. Farnon?
(a) work out his hunting mare
(b) clean the house
(c) deliver a calf
(d) lance a sow's ear

10. What does Mrs. Pumphrey say is Herriot's relationship to Nugent?
(a) she calls Herriot, Nugent's cousin
(b) she calls Herriot, Nugent's savior
(c) she calls Herriot, Nugent's father
(d) she calls Herriot, Nugent's uncle

11. Following the prolapse episode, Herriot pulls a practical joke on what character?
(a) Broadman
(b) Dr. Farnon
(c) Seigfried
(d) Tristan

12. Before Herriot and Ruth can leave what family event must take place?
(a) saying goodbye to Ruth's brother
(b) Ruth must read to her younger siblings
(c) family dinner
(d) children put to bed

13. Herriot treats a cow in this chapter, what is her ailment?
(a) milk fever
(b) cannot deliver
(c) malnurished
(d) a prolapse

14. Why does Miss Harbottle come to the vet's office?
(a) because of Tristan's mistakes
(b) because she is attracted to Dr. Farnon
(c) because of a sick animal
(d) she is expecting

15. What is the treatment for the ailing bull in this chapter?
(a) lancing his ear
(b) castration
(c) epson salt
(d) spraying him down with cold water

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is ill in this chapter?

2. In this chapter what two animals are lost?

3. Herriot falls asleep after the party while he is doing what?

4. Herriot is called home because the hen's have escaped; where are they found?

5. What does Herriot realize is true about Angus Grier and Mrs. Mallard

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