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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herriot help Grier do?
(a) birth a calf
(b) prepare for a party
(c) cleanse a cow
(d) deliver some pups

2. What is the outcome of Herriot's treatment of the cow?
(a) he trys a new treatment and Dan Cooper is furious
(b) he trys a new treatment and the cow dies
(c) he trys a new treatment and the calf is lost
(d) he trys a new treatment and the cow is saved

3. Who is ill in this chapter?
(a) Herriot
(b) Tristan
(c) Angus Grier
(d) Ticki Woo

4. Herriot and Grier are both of what ancestry?
(a) they are both French
(b) they are both from Wales
(c) they are both Scots
(d) they are both Irish

5. Dr. Farnon has to do surgery on a cow that has what problem?
(a) it can't deliver its calf
(b) mastitis
(c) a wire stuck in its second stomach
(d) milk fever

6. In this chapter what two animals are lost?
(a) a pig and a mare
(b) a dog and a cow
(c) two goats
(d) two hens

7. What is the central issue that Dr. Farnon raises in this confrontation?
(a) Miss Harbottle's handling of the finances
(b) Tristan's lack of responsibility
(c) Herriot's handling of animals
(d) Ruth's advances toward him

8. Herriot treats a cow in this chapter, what is her ailment?
(a) a prolapse
(b) cannot deliver
(c) milk fever
(d) malnurished

9. What has just happened in Tristan's life?
(a) he has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness
(b) he has just left his wife
(c) he has just failed his veterinarian exams.
(d) he has just gotten out of jail

10. What illness does Dan Cooper's cow have?
(a) can't deliver a calf
(b) mastitis
(c) milk fever
(d) foundering

11. What is the treatment that the doctors' recommend?
(a) Ticki Woo is sewn up
(b) Ticki Woo has to have surgery
(c) Ticki Woo is to come stay at Skedale House for 2 weeks
(d) Ticki Woo is put on a liquid diet

12. At whose expense does everyone at Dr. Harnon's practice get a good laugh?
(a) Herriot
(b) Crawford
(c) Miss Harbottle
(d) Tristan

13. What does Mrs. Pumphrey say is Herriot's relationship to Nugent?
(a) she calls Herriot, Nugent's father
(b) she calls Herriot, Nugent's savior
(c) she calls Herriot, Nugent's uncle
(d) she calls Herriot, Nugent's cousin

14. Who is Terry Watson?
(a) a new veterinarian
(b) a young poor farmer
(c) a pub owner
(d) a local knacker

15. During this account an animal does something to Herriot, what is it?
(a) a horse picks him up by its mouth
(b) a dog bites him on the hand
(c) a cat attacks him
(d) a horse kicks him

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 16 is occupied primarily with the story of Tristan and what task?

2. Why does Miss Harbottle come to the vet's office?

3. What kind of animal does Terry Watson own and Herriot treats?

4. Who has been taking money from the petty cash box?

5. When the book begins what is James Herriot called to do?

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