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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Herriot treats a cow in this chapter, what is her ailment?
(a) malnurished
(b) a prolapse
(c) milk fever
(d) cannot deliver

2. Who is Terry Watson?
(a) a pub owner
(b) a young poor farmer
(c) a new veterinarian
(d) a local knacker

3. What is given to Herriot at the end of this chapter?
(a) a cup of coffee
(b) a bottle of wine
(c) a bag of coins
(d) a used cigar

4. What does Jeff Mallock do for a living?
(a) he is a pub owner
(b) he is a vet
(c) he is a knacker
(d) he is a farmer

5. In this chapter what two animals are lost?
(a) two hens
(b) two goats
(c) a pig and a mare
(d) a dog and a cow

6. In chapter 5 Herriot is called to treat a horse that is afflicted with torsion, what is this ailment?
(a) swollen joints
(b) The intestines are twisted
(c) colic
(d) the ears are infected

7. What is the treatment that the doctors' recommend?
(a) Ticki Woo is to come stay at Skedale House for 2 weeks
(b) Ticki Woo has to have surgery
(c) Ticki Woo is sewn up
(d) Ticki Woo is put on a liquid diet

8. Dr. Farnon and Herriot stop at what location on their way home?
(a) a local farm
(b) the parson's house
(c) the home of Farnon's mistress
(d) a local pub

9. Herriot falls asleep after the party while he is doing what?
(a) meeting with a client
(b) talking to Ruth
(c) driving home
(d) delivering a piglet

10. What is the name of Dr. Farnon's home?
(a) Farnon House
(b) Yorkshire House
(c) Skedale House
(d) Darrowby House

11. Ticki Woo is ill, what is wrong?
(a) the dog has a tumor
(b) the dog is malnurished
(c) the dog has been overfed
(d) the dog has been in a fight

12. When the book begins what is James Herriot called to do?
(a) deliver a calf
(b) put down a horse
(c) operate on a dog who has be kicked by a horse
(d) help a bull which has gone down and cannot get up

13. What is the outcome of the treatment for Ticki Woo?
(a) the dog is sold to another owner
(b) the dog goes into a coma
(c) the dog has to be put down
(d) the dog makes a full recovery

14. What interesting custom does Herriot observe in the Cooper's home?
(a) putting their feet in hot water
(b) eating fresh sausage
(c) eating a meal on the floor
(d) not speaking at a meal

15. New hens and piglets come to live at Skedale house, who is to care for them?
(a) Dr. Farnon
(b) Herriot
(c) Miss Harbottle
(d) Tristan

Short Answer Questions

1. What treatment does Herriot recommend and finally carry out?

2. What kind of animal does Mrs. Pumphrey have?

3. This chapter reveals that Dr. Farnon has a surprising following of _____________.

4. Ruth Bellerby asks Herriot to take her to what event?

5. Crawford, a local farmer complains about whom, at the beginning of this chapter?

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