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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Dr. Farnon's home?
(a) Skedale House
(b) Farnon House
(c) Darrowby House
(d) Yorkshire House

2. What does Jeff Mallock do for a living?
(a) he is a farmer
(b) he is a vet
(c) he is a knacker
(d) he is a pub owner

3. What is the result of Herriot's treatment of the animal?
(a) the cow delivers a calf
(b) the animal is put down
(c) complete recovery
(d) the boar is castrated

4. What has just happened in Tristan's life?
(a) he has just gotten out of jail
(b) he has just left his wife
(c) he has just failed his veterinarian exams.
(d) he has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness

5. In chapter 24, there is another problem between what two characters?
(a) Dr. Farnon and Herriot
(b) Dr. Farnon and Miss Harbottle
(c) Tristan and Herriot
(d) Tristan and Dr. Farnon

6. During this account an animal does something to Herriot, what is it?
(a) a horse kicks him
(b) a cat attacks him
(c) a horse picks him up by its mouth
(d) a dog bites him on the hand

7. What does Herriot realize is true about Angus Grier and Mrs. Mallard
(a) they are siblings
(b) they are neighbors
(c) they are enemies
(d) they are having an affair

8. Following the prolapse episode, Herriot pulls a practical joke on what character?
(a) Dr. Farnon
(b) Tristan
(c) Seigfried
(d) Broadman

9. When Mrs. Pumphrey calls again about Nugent, what problem does she say he has?
(a) milk fever
(b) he has become to agressive
(c) he will not eat
(d) excessive urination

10. What is the effect of her ailment?
(a) she becomes violent
(b) she cannot get up
(c) she cannot eat
(d) she cannot give milk

11. The Copfield farm is known for what?
(a) the wool from its sheep
(b) wild cattle
(c) the size of its hogs
(d) the stable of horses

12. What is given to Herriot at the end of this chapter?
(a) a bottle of wine
(b) a bag of coins
(c) a cup of coffee
(d) a used cigar

13. Tristan next is asked to care for a dog which has what problem?
(a) it is about to have puppies
(b) it is lame
(c) it has been abandoned
(d) it has just had a tumor removed

14. What treatment does Herriot recommend and finally carry out?
(a) he rubs down the horse with marshmellow ointment
(b) he sits up with the horse until the colic passes
(c) he gives the horse a painkilling shot
(d) he puts the horse down

15. Tristan does not do his new job well, what is the result?
(a) the animals begin to suffer
(b) the house begins to become dirty and cluttered
(c) many angry clients
(d) urgent calls are missed

Short Answer Questions

1. Spring brings a new activity for Herriot, what is it?

2. Herriot has to go and stay with what character?

3. Where does the dog spend the night?

4. What gift is Herriot given as payment for this act?

5. Ruth Bellerby asks Herriot to take her to what event?

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