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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Crawford, a local farmer complains about whom, at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Dr. Harnon
(b) Herriot
(c) Tristin
(d) Miss Harbottle

2. What kind of animal does Mrs. Pumphrey have?
(a) a goat
(b) a cat
(c) a dog
(d) a cow

3. This chapter highlights a character fault of Dr. Farnon, what is it?
(a) his lack of consistency
(b) he drinks heavily
(c) he misuses his money
(d) he constantly lies

4. What has just happened in Tristan's life?
(a) he has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness
(b) he has just left his wife
(c) he has just gotten out of jail
(d) he has just failed his veterinarian exams.

5. Why does Miss Harbottle come to the vet's office?
(a) she is expecting
(b) because of Tristan's mistakes
(c) because of a sick animal
(d) because she is attracted to Dr. Farnon

6. Herriot falls asleep after the party while he is doing what?
(a) driving home
(b) meeting with a client
(c) delivering a piglet
(d) talking to Ruth

7. Dr. Farnon and Herriot stop at what location on their way home?
(a) the home of Farnon's mistress
(b) a local pub
(c) a local farm
(d) the parson's house

8. During this account an animal does something to Herriot, what is it?
(a) a horse kicks him
(b) a dog bites him on the hand
(c) a horse picks him up by its mouth
(d) a cat attacks him

9. In this chapter what two animals are lost?
(a) a dog and a cow
(b) two hens
(c) two goats
(d) a pig and a mare

10. In chapter 37, Herriot does surgery on a dog that has what problem?
(a) a rubber ball in its stomach
(b) it needs to be castrated
(c) it has been in a fight
(d) a tumor

11. What happens because of this discovery?
(a) Miss Harbottle scolds Dr. Farnon
(b) Herriot must repay the money
(c) Dr. Farnon and Herriot have a fight
(d) Dr. Farnon and Tristan have a fight

12. Who has been taking money from the petty cash box?
(a) Tristan
(b) Herriot
(c) Miss Harbottle
(d) Dr. Farnon

13. This animal has a number of health issues, many are caused by what?
(a) Mrs. Pumphrey pampers her animal too much
(b) Mrs. Pumphrey is poor
(c) Mrs. Pumphrey is ill
(d) Mrs. Pumphrey is too old to care for her animal

14. What is wrong with the cow the vets visit in chapter 3?
(a) it needs help delivering
(b) mastitis
(c) it has a sore mouth
(d) it has a sore hoof

15. In chapter 12, Tristan is given what responsibility?
(a) taking care of monthly billing and receipts
(b) becoming the housekeeper
(c) feeding the stock animals
(d) answering the early morning calls

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of animal does Terry Watson own and Herriot treats?

2. What illness does Dan Cooper's cow have?

3. Who invites Herriot to a party?

4. In chapter 5 Herriot is called to treat a horse that is afflicted with torsion, what is this ailment?

5. What does Herriot find is wrong with the dog when he arrives?

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