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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 54 | Chapter 55.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interesting custom does Herriot observe in the Cooper's home?
(a) eating a meal on the floor
(b) putting their feet in hot water
(c) not speaking at a meal
(d) eating fresh sausage

2. Who is supposed to answer the phone each morning at the vet's office?
(a) Herriot
(b) Tristan
(c) Farnon
(d) Broadman

3. What job does Tristan have to do for Dr. Farnon?
(a) clean the house
(b) deliver a calf
(c) work out his hunting mare
(d) lance a sow's ear

4. What is unique about Helen compared to the other characters in the book?
(a) she is from Herriot's home town
(b) she is a young woman about Herriot's age
(c) she is blind
(d) she is married to a very mean man

5. What happens when Tristan drives the Land Rover?
(a) he is sideswiped by another car
(b) he falls asleep and runs off the road
(c) he hits a parked truck
(d) it breaks down in the middle of a rain storm

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Herriot doing when he first meets Dr. Farnon?

2. What kind of dog does Denham have?

3. What is the treatment for the ailing bull in this chapter?

4. How would you characterize the Rudd family at the end of this episode?

5. What does Herriot learn about Mr. Skipton?

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