All Creatures Great and Small Character Descriptions

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James Herriot

This is the main character of these stories. His real name is Alf Wight, and he is a good-natured veterinarian who has experienced a great many things. He is a kind man who is always ready to do his job, even in the middle of the night. His good nature comes in handy during many occasions throughout this collection of memories.

He was born in Scotland and is a newcomer to the Yorkshire region of England. The customs of the people he runs across are strange to him at first, but he quickly adapts. Although he was raised in a city, he quickly becomes accustomed to life in the country and stays in this region for the rest of his life.

Dr. Siegfried Farnon

This character is the owner of a veterinary practice in Darrowby. He is a tall man with sandy hair and a long...

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