All But My Life Short Essay - Answer Key

Gerda Weissmann Klein
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1. How long does it take the Germans to conquer Poland?

Unfortunately for Gerda and her family, the Germans conquer Poland in just eighteen days. After the occupation, their lives are forever changed.

2. Why does Arthur go to visit his girlfriend and what does he find?

He is worried about the safety of his girlfriend and her family. When he arrives in her town, she is fine but he finds her family dog murdered on their front lawn.

3. Why didn't Gerda's family escape sooner?

Gerda's father became very sick while the family was on vacation. Helene did not want to stress Julius' already fragile heart, so she waited to express the severity of problem of the Germans.

4. After the invasion, what are the Jews forced to do?

They are forced to register with the Nazis. They must also turn over their most valuable items (gold, automobiles, and pens).

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