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Gerda Weissmann Klein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapters 7 and 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Gerda think of the present situation she lives in?
(a) Yes. She thinks of ways to escape.
(b) No, because she is not very bright.
(c) Yes she contemplates ways to kill soldiers.
(d) No, her thoughts are devoid of the present.

2. Where will Jewish men have to go?
(a) To America.
(b) They must travel to Germany.
(c) They will have to stay home.
(d) An inner part of Poland.

3. What must Jews now wear?
(a) A Star of David necklace.
(b) The star of David and the word "Jew" on their clothes.
(c) Specific shoes.
(d) Blue colored attire.

4. What is Gerda sorry about missing?
(a) All of her friends.
(b) Her brother's presence.
(c) The life that a woman her age should have.
(d) An experience with a boy.

5. What young man does Gerda meet in this chapter and why does he visit her every day?
(a) John Johnson; He needs helps with homework.
(b) Abek Feigenblatt; He is courting Gerda.
(c) Matthew Jacobson; He likes Gerda.
(d) Arthur Jacobson; He is courting Gerda.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who brings the news of Arthur's letters?

2. What happens to Mr. Pipersberg once he returns to the Weissmann home?

3. Why is Gerda's family concerned about the occupation of their town?

4. What are the rumors surrounding the men that leave?

5. Which of the Jewish population is virtually gone?

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