Objects & Places from All But My Life

Gerda Weissmann Klein
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Bielitz, Poland

This is where the Weissmanns live when Poland is conquered by the Nazis.


This country was conquered by the Germans in just eighteen days.

Krynica, Poland

This is a destination where Gerda and her family enjoyed summer vacations before the invasion.

Sosnowitz, Poland

This is the hometown of Abek Feigenblatt.


This camp is the dreaded place where the old and sick residents of Bielitz are sent to their deaths.

Bolkenhain, Germany

Gerda and Ilse and other young girls from Bielitz are sent here.


This is the location of the woman's camp where Gerda contemplated suicide to escape the horrible labor demands.


This place is the women's camp where Gerda sees her friend, Abek, for the first time since her encampment.

Zum Burgberg

This is the men's camp located near Landeshut, the camp where Gerda was sent to after leaving Marzdorf.

Volray, Czechoslovakia

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