All About Love Short Essay - Answer Key

Stephanie Laurens
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1. Who is the character of Lucifer as seen in chapter one of the novel?

Lucifer is seen as someone who avoids love and marriage at all costs.

2. Why does Lucifer travel to his friend and mentor's house in Colyton?

Lucifer thinks that the best way to avoid falling in love and getting married is to go far away where the possibilities of these two things happening is very remote, such as Colyton. Horatio Welham is Lucifer's very close friend and mentor and he invites Lucifer to come stay with him in Colyton. Horatio Welham wants Lucifer to come and see an item that Horatio is very excited about.

3. Describe what happens when Lucifer visits Colyton and goes to Horatio Welham's manor.

Lucifer reaches Colyton on a Sunday morning when everyone is in church. When he goes to Horatio Welham's manor, he notices the door to the manor is open and is surprised by this because all the inmates of the household should be in church, including Horatio Welham. When he enters Horatio Welham's drawing room, he finds him murdered with a letter opener.

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