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Stephanie Laurens
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Phyllida Tallent decide to check on first after the tea is over?
(a) Percy Tallent.
(b) Lady Huddlesford.
(c) Mrs. Flemmings.
(d) Frederick Huddlesford.

2. What is the "storm" in chapter eight a representation of?
(a) Incoming bad weather and the emotional chaos that Phyllida Tallent and Lucifer are experiencing.
(b) Emotional chaos.
(c) Incoming bad weather.
(d) Total chaos in the manor.

3. Who among the following men is NOT courting Phyllida Tallent?
(a) Basil.
(b) Silas Coombe.
(c) Grisby.
(d) Cedric Fortemain.

4. What is the shift in Lucifer's idea of marriage?
(a) He decides never to marry.
(b) He is intrigued by the idea of marriage.
(c) He wants a family living in the manor.
(d) He still hates the idea of marriage.

5. What does Lucifer ask for Phyllida Tallent's to help with?
(a) Take care of the manor.
(b) Take care of the garden at the manor.
(c) Take care of the book collection.
(d) Take care of Horatio Welham's personal items in the manor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who throws a party in honor of Lucifer decision to stay at Colyton?

2. What is Horatio Welham's relationship to Lucifer?

3. What are Lucifer's orders to Hemmings and Dodswell when Lucifer is at the manor?

4. Whom is Salis Coombe jealous of?

5. What happens between Lucifer and Phyllida Tallent in Chapter 12?

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