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Stephanie Laurens
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the reader come to know about the Colyton Import business?
(a) That it is a weapons business.
(b) That it is a an illegal business.
(c) That it is a legalized smuggling business.
(d) That it is a fishing business.

2. Why is Phyllida Tallent very angry when Lucifer meets her in the woods?
(a) Because she does not like Lucifer kissing her.
(b) Because her dress is torn.
(c) Because her bonnet is lost.
(d) Because she is shot at.

3. What does Lucifer find himself doing, whenever possible, in chapters eight and nine?
(a) Trying to convince her to tell him all she knows about the murder.
(b) Going on long walks with her.
(c) Kissing her.
(d) Protecting Phyllida Tallent.

4. What does Lucifer specialize in?
(a) Silver and jewelry.
(b) Gold coins.
(c) Silver coins.
(d) Diamonds.

5. Why do you think Lucifer accompanies Phyllida Tallent on her errands?
(a) Because he wants to meet all the men courting her.
(b) Because he wants to meet all the locals.
(c) Because he wants to be in her presence.
(d) Because he wants to see the town.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the person who leaves a note for Phyllida Tallent want to meet her?

2. How does Lucifer know that Phyllida Tallent is present at Horatio Welham's house after the murder, even though he is unconscious at Horatio Welham's house?

3. Where does Mary Anne store her love letters?

4. What explanation does Lucifer give to Phyllida Tallent about him seducing her?

5. Which character's innocence is doubted time and again?

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