All About Love Fun Activities

Stephanie Laurens
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Novel Title

Is there any other title that benefits this novel? Discuss.

Novel ending

If you are the author of this novel, how do you end the novel differently and why? Explain by writing a few paragraphs.

Magazine/newspaper clip

Bring pictures of very antique furniture to class and discuss the differences and similarities between antique furniture and modern day furniture. Do you have any antique furniture pieces in your home which you can possibly bring to class? (Assuming you have something very small). Mary Anne stores her love letters in her grandmother's old traveling desk. It is a good idea to see how furniture has evolved.

Paying a visit

If you get the chance, visit a historic house or mansion that is furnished and imagine how Horatio Welham's manor looks like back in the 1820's.


Count the number of times the author uses the "storm" as...

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