All About Love Character Descriptions

Stephanie Laurens
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Alasdair Cynster (Lucifer).

This character's close friend and mentor is murdered and he therefore oversees all aspects of the murder investigation. He also finds love in the process.

Phyllida Tallent.

This character is the creator of the importing business and is a very caring person. This character does not find the idea of marriage very appealing.

Horatio Welham.

This wealthy character discovers a rare collector's item and cultivates a garden.

Mary Anne.

This character is madly in love and writes love letters which are stored in the hidden compartment of a traveling desk.

Sir Jasper Tallent.

This character is the magistrate and takes care of the importing business from time to time.

Luicious Appleby.

This character is described as having fair good looks and is after a valuable painting.

Cedric Fortemain.

This character is initially one of the many suspects in the murder but later on becomes an...

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