All About Love Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephanie Laurens
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Chapter 1

• Lucifer visits Horatio Welham at Colyton.

• Lucifer has no interest in love and marriage.

• Horatio Welham is murdered.

• When Lucifer is present at Horatio Welham's place, he is accidentally knocked out by Phyllida Tallent.
• Phyllida Tallent is magistrate's daughter.

• Phyllida Tallent is present at the murder spot looking for love letters.

• After making sure that Lucifer is alive, Phyllida Tallent leaves the place.
• Lucifer lies unconscious next to the dead body.

• Phyllida Tallent sees a hat at the murder spot.

• Locals take Lucifer to jail.

• Phyllida Tallent convinces Sir Jasper, her father, that Lucifer is not the killer.

• Lucifer is back to his house and nursed back to health by Phyllida Tallent and the town ladies.

Chapter 2

• Lucifer is invited to tea at Phyllida Tallent's place.

• Lucifer knows that Phyllida Tallent is present at the murder spot.
• Lucifer rules himself out as a suspect.

• Lucifer and Phyllida...

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