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Short Answer Questions

1. What is one of the men's concerns?

2. What do the survivors hear intermittently?

3. When the survivors hear rumbling, what do they believe it is?

4. How do the survivors feel when Vizintin comes sliding back to camp?

5. To where do the families turn their focus?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

On December 23 the survivors were all reunited with their families.

Part 1) Describe what this day must have been like.

Part 2) Why is this recovery at this time significant?

Part 3) How might the significance of this time of year affect their faith and belief in God?

Essay Topic 2

The Fairchild is found.

Part 1) How is the Fairchild found? Could it have been found without the aid of the two hikers? Explain.

Part 2) What might have been the reactions of both the survivors and the families? Explain.

Part 3) How would you feel if you had been a survivor or family member? What might be your reaction?

Essay Topic 3

The families do not give up hope.

Part 1) How do they show that they do not give up hope?

Part 2) What keeps them from giving up hope?

Part 3) Would you be as strong and hopeful? Why or why not?

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