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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paez do upon receiving this news?
(a) He gets on the plane.
(b) He runs outside and gets in a taxi.
(c) He runs to tell his friend, Rodriguez, who is already on the plane.
(d) He finds another flight to San Fernando.

2. When the men politely answer the reporters' questions, what do they do?
(a) They omit nothing.
(b) They give no real answers.
(c) They omit a few details.
(d) They give all the details.

3. What do the boys do when they come across a paradise of sorts?
(a) They celebrate.
(b) They give thanks to God and rest.
(c) They look for other signs of life.
(d) They hug.

4. Why are Canessa and Parrado nervous?
(a) They want the news to travel faster for the sake of their friends still stranded on the Fairchild.
(b) They are worried the news will not get to the plane in time.
(c) Something will go wrong.
(d) Their friends will not make it through the night.

5. Why do the boys not kill the cow?
(a) They do not want to eat beef.
(b) They are not hungry.
(c) They do not know how to kill the cow.
(d) They are looking for help, not enemies.

Short Answer Questions

1. How far are Canessa and Parrado from the nearest town called San Fernando?

2. What signs of life do the hikers come across?

3. What news is given to Dr. Canessa?

4. What do the newspapers do with the news of this cross?

5. What had geophysicists created?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the parents feel about the reading of the survivors' names?

2. How do the two men proceed after Vizintin goes back to the Fairchild?

3. Describe the surprise Parrado and Canessa received the next morning.

4. What takes place on December 12th?

5. What was happening with the search while Parrado and Canessa hiked?

6. How do the survivors react to the Andinists?

7. When do Canessa and Parrado first encounter another human being?

8. How do the men cross the river?

9. What does the minor's story confirm? What is done with this information?

10. What do the thirteen survivors do as this section begins?

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