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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Canessa and Parrado nervous?
(a) Something will go wrong.
(b) They are worried the news will not get to the plane in time.
(c) They want the news to travel faster for the sake of their friends still stranded on the Fairchild.
(d) Their friends will not make it through the night.

2. What seems too good to be true?
(a) The survivors being outside of the plane.
(b) The plane being in one piece.
(c) Animals being found near the crash site.
(d) The idea of finding the boys alive.

3. Why are this many people rescued first?
(a) To care for them without incurring any undue danger.
(b) To anger the other survivors.
(c) To prepare the others for the flight later in the day.
(d) To advertise this extraordinary rescue.

4. Why is there little snow on the top of the mountain?
(a) It is wind blown and lacking in humidity.
(b) It is too high to snow.
(c) The air is too thin for snow.
(d) There is too much humidity.

5. What is special about Wednesday, December 20th?
(a) It is the day the survivors give up.
(b) It is a turning point for the survivors.
(c) It is the day the survivors are saved.
(d) It is the day the families find out about the location of the Fairchild.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many survivors are flown to San Fernando?

2. What signs of life do the hikers come across?

3. How is the snow under their feet?

4. Why do the boys not kill the cow?

5. With whom do the survivors talk and eat?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the summer sun doing? How is this good and bad?

2. What do the helicopters do when they arrive?

3. Describe the arrival of the helicopters.

4. What do the survivors discover on day seventy-one?

5. It is surprising to the survivors?

6. What do the parents learn from Ponce de Leon's radio?

7. When do Canessa and Parrado first encounter another human being?

8. How is Wednesday, December 20th important?

9. Why are Canessa and Parrado nervous?

10. What does the minor's story confirm? What is done with this information?

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