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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is discovered back at the Fairchild?
(a) Someone is hiding bodies.
(b) Someone had extra food on the plane but did not tell anyone.
(c) Someone is pilfering extra food.
(d) Someone has gone missing.

2. Why do the parents try to locate a peasant miner?
(a) He will lead them through the mountains to search for their children.
(b) He is also a clairvoyant.
(c) It is rumored that he saw the crash.
(d) He has seen debris from the crash.

3. Who is among the last to be found?
(a) Roy Harley and Liliana Methol.
(b) Pedro Algorta and Javier Methol.
(c) Liliana Methol. and Pancho Delgado.
(d) Numa Tarcatti and Eduardo Strauch.

4. What is Gustavo Nicolich's role during this tragedy?
(a) He is the organizer.
(b) He is the complainer.
(c) He is the pilot.
(d) He is team captain.

5. What does Paez Vilaro do to find the lost rugby players?
(a) He mounts his own search.
(b) He talks to a water diviner.
(c) He contacts a clairvoyant.
(d) He calls his friends in the United States for help.

Short Answer Questions

1. Was the information from Ponce de Leon accurate?

2. What slowly replaced the local love of soccer?

3. With whom do the parents meet on December 5th?

4. What does this man say to the family members?

5. What does the Air Force do to the parents?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the effects of a second avalanche?

2. What takes place on December 11th?

3. When does the SAR send out a few planes in a specified area?

4. What are Canessa and Parrado trying to fix?

5. What was done after the air traffic control service lost contact with the Fairchild?

6. How do the survivors prepare to sleep?

7. Why is the team traveling to Chile?

8. What do Madelon Rodriguez and Estela Perez continue to believe?

9. What information does Croiset Jr. give the parents?

10. What are the results of the avalanche?

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