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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are the feelings of the parents when the survivors' names are finally read?
(a) Angry.
(b) Bittersweet.
(c) Worried.
(d) Excited.

2. During the night what does Diaz tell the survivors?
(a) A few stories.
(b) Nothing.
(c) One story about his adventures.
(d) Of his adventures in the mountain.

3. What is one of the men's concerns?
(a) Another avalanche.
(b) The survivors will not last the night.
(c) The rescue crew will not be able to find them.
(d) The hikers will not be found.

4. Is Dr. Canessa fortunate?
(a) Yes.
(b) No.
(c) Maybe.
(d) Sometimes.

5. Who is the first man, an Andinist, who arrives?
(a) Eduardo Sanchez.
(b) Armando Saldo.
(c) Sergio Diaz.
(d) Juan Rodriguez.

6. The excitement of the cross was akin to what for the survivors?
(a) An emotional roller coaster.
(b) An earthquake.
(c) A waterfall.
(d) A car crash.

7. What do the newspapers do with the news of this cross?
(a) They thought is could possibly be related to some local geophysicists.
(b) They thought it could possibly be related to the Fairchild survivors.
(c) They ignored the news.
(d) They did not believe it could be related to the Fairchild survivors.

8. Why are this many people rescued first?
(a) To care for them without incurring any undue danger.
(b) To advertise this extraordinary rescue.
(c) To prepare the others for the flight later in the day.
(d) To anger the other survivors.

9. How is the snow under their feet?
(a) Sharp.
(b) Slippery.
(c) Hard.
(d) Mushy.

10. Who do the helicopters carry?
(a) The families.
(b) The action group's commander, mechanics, a nurse, a medical orderly, a doctor, and members of the Andean Rescue Corps.
(c) The action groups' commander.
(d) A group of doctors.

11. What does a combination of severe cold and high altitude cause?
(a) Sickness in the rescue workers.
(b) A cancellation of the search.
(c) The destruction of the C-47.
(d) The C-47's delay.

12. For how long did the survivors watch the hikers' progress?
(a) They did not watch them.
(b) For several minutes.
(c) For only a moment.
(d) For as long as possible.

13. Why are Canessa and Parrado nervous?
(a) Their friends will not make it through the night.
(b) They are worried the news will not get to the plane in time.
(c) They want the news to travel faster for the sake of their friends still stranded on the Fairchild.
(d) Something will go wrong.

14. What do the others do, while Canessa and Parrado are hiking?
(a) Sleep
(b) Try to stay alive.
(c) Eat.
(d) Complain.

15. What do the boys do when they come across a paradise of sorts?
(a) They hug.
(b) They look for other signs of life.
(c) They give thanks to God and rest.
(d) They celebrate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is a cross discovered?

2. How do the survivors go about their daily chores?

3. How do the men go to bed feeling?

4. Is it easy to slip back into the lives the men had left behind?

5. The sleepless night brought a morning full of hope. What do the men know without a doubt?

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