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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Diaz summoned back by the survivors?
(a) They feel someone should stay with them.
(b) They feel someone should see what their lives have been like.
(c) They are worried the Andinists will leave them.
(d) They are worried about the Andinists.

2. Why are Canessa and Parrado nervous?
(a) They want the news to travel faster for the sake of their friends still stranded on the Fairchild.
(b) They are worried the news will not get to the plane in time.
(c) Something will go wrong.
(d) Their friends will not make it through the night.

3. What does the next morning bring?
(a) A blizzard.
(b) A thunderstorm.
(c) A fog bank.
(d) An avalanche.

4. During the night what does Diaz tell the survivors?
(a) A few stories.
(b) Of his adventures in the mountain.
(c) Nothing.
(d) One story about his adventures.

5. What does Dr. Canessa do when he hears the news?
(a) He heads back to San Fernando.
(b) He heads to Santiago.
(c) He heads home.
(d) He calls his wife.

6. What are the parents doing as Canessa and Parrado hike through the Andes?
(a) They are meeting with the colonel.
(b) They are busy searching.
(c) They are waiting to hear for news.
(d) They are heading home.

7. Why are this many people rescued first?
(a) To advertise this extraordinary rescue.
(b) To prepare the others for the flight later in the day.
(c) To anger the other survivors.
(d) To care for them without incurring any undue danger.

8. What do Harley and Nicolich do when they hear the news?
(a) They cannot decide what to do.
(b) They continue home.
(c) They reverse direction.
(d) They catch a flight to Santiago.

9. How does the extreme altitude affect the boys?
(a) It forces them to turn around.
(b) It makes it easier to breathe.
(c) It wears on their bodies and exhausts them.
(d) It ends their hike.

10. What is it difficult for the family members to accept?
(a) That the men had survived by eating human flesh.
(b) That the men are depressed.
(c) That the men's characters have changed.
(d) That so many died.

11. What is the real reason Paez Vilaro is detained?
(a) They had found the boys hiking and the location of the plane.
(b) They will not let him fly without his passport.
(c) They need to find a copy of his ticket.
(d) They do not want the puppy on the plane.

12. Who does Paez run to meet in San Fernando?
(a) His son.
(b) His wife.
(c) The Colonel.
(d) His family.

13. What do the others do, while Canessa and Parrado are hiking?
(a) Complain.
(b) Eat.
(c) Try to stay alive.
(d) Sleep

14. How many of the survivors had grown in their belief in God and wanted to share that message?
(a) None.
(b) The minority.
(c) The majority.
(d) A few.

15. Who takes the lead on the expedition?
(a) Canessa.
(b) Suarez.
(c) Parrado.
(d) Strauch.

Short Answer Questions

1. The excitement of the cross was akin to what for the survivors?

2. What is the roaring sound that Canessa and Parrado hear?

3. What news is given to Dr. Canessa?

4. With what are Armando and Enrique happy to supply the hikers?

5. How many survivors are flown to San Fernando?

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