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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men begin to do?
(a) Prepare to leave the plane.
(b) Celebrate their salvation.
(c) Complain that they will not be found.
(d) Plan another trek out of the Andes.

2. What news is given to Dr. Canessa?
(a) His son has not survived.
(b) There is no news about his son.
(c) His son is one of the survivors.
(d) He will not see his son for several weeks.

3. What arrives on December 12th?
(a) The location of the Fairchild.
(b) A C-47 plane promised by the Uruguayan Air Force.
(c) Funding for the search for the survivors.
(d) Gifts for the survivors.

4. The families oscillated between what?
(a) Holding onto hope and giving up.
(b) Giving up slightly and giving up completely.
(c) Believing there were some survivors and there were no survivors.
(d) Having faith and having shaky faith.

5. Why does Paez Vilaro think he gets detained by the international police?
(a) Because he does not have a passport.
(b) Because of the puppy.
(c) Because they found the plane.
(d) Because he has lost his ticket.

6. What do the others do, while Canessa and Parrado are hiking?
(a) Try to stay alive.
(b) Complain.
(c) Sleep
(d) Eat.

7. Why is Diaz summoned back by the survivors?
(a) They are worried about the Andinists.
(b) They are worried the Andinists will leave them.
(c) They feel someone should stay with them.
(d) They feel someone should see what their lives have been like.

8. What is special about Wednesday, December 20th?
(a) It is the day the survivors are saved.
(b) It is a turning point for the survivors.
(c) It is the day the survivors give up.
(d) It is the day the families find out about the location of the Fairchild.

9. The helicopters climbed how many feet before reaching the summit and moving down the opposite side?
(a) 12,500 feet.
(b) 10,500 feet.
(c) 13,500 feet.
(d) 11,500 feet.

10. Why are the pilots of the broken-down C-47 also disappointed?
(a) They were friends with the Fairchild's pilot and co-pilot.
(b) They had both flown the Fairchild.
(c) They feel upset for the parents.
(d) They worry about the survivors.

11. What does the army commander, Colonel Morel, agree to do?
(a) Send a patrol to the area where the footprints were reported.
(b) Find the plane.
(c) Contact other neighboring countries for support.
(d) End the search.

12. The sleepless night brought a morning full of hope. What do the men know without a doubt?
(a) They will be rescued next week.
(b) They will be rescued during the night.
(c) They will not be rescued for a few days.
(d) They would be rescued that day.

13. What does a combination of severe cold and high altitude cause?
(a) The destruction of the C-47.
(b) Sickness in the rescue workers.
(c) A cancellation of the search.
(d) The C-47's delay.

14. When the survivors hear rumbling, what do they believe it is?
(a) An earthquake.
(b) A bear.
(c) A rescue helicopter.
(d) Another avalanche.

15. With whom do the survivors talk and eat?
(a) The doctors.
(b) The Andinists.
(c) Each other.
(d) Their families.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the transistor radio say has been found?

2. What is it difficult for the family members to accept?

3. How do the survivors go about their daily chores?

4. What are the parents doing as Canessa and Parrado hike through the Andes?

5. What does the next morning bring?

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