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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who took turns sleeping in the exposed area near the opening?
(a) The strongest among the survivors.
(b) The couples.
(c) The weak and sick.
(d) The injured.

2. Why do some of the other parents pledge their help?
(a) Because they still hold out hope that their sons are alive.
(b) Because they wanted to know what had happened to the plane.
(c) Because they would feel guilty doing otherwise.
(d) Because they cannot think of what else to do.

3. Who owned the plane the team chartered?
(a) The United States government.
(b) The team captain.
(c) The Chilean government.
(d) The Uruguayan government.

4. How does Ponce de Leon help the families?
(a) He contacts the Air Force.
(b) He uses his radio to shuttle information between the families and officials.
(c) He calls his friends in the United States.
(d) He uses his clairvoyant visions to find the plane.

5. Why do the parents hire another plane to take them to Santiago?
(a) The first plane cannot be repaired.
(b) They are afraid to ride on the first plane.
(c) They are unwilling to waste any more time waiting for the first plane to be fixed.
(d) They do not trust the military men.

6. Who spurred on the expedition team so they could make it back to the Fairchild?
(a) Parrado.
(b) Turcatti.
(c) Canessa.
(d) Vizintin.

7. Why are they forced to eat the bodies that had recently died and remained in the cabin?
(a) They were afraid to go outside to the other bodies.
(b) Their food supply had been buried in the avalanche.
(c) Their was no other food on the plane.
(d) They wanted to use up the meat that was closest to them.

8. When do the four return to the Fairchild?
(a) When it becomes apparent that no amount of tinkering could produce a working two-way radio.
(b) When they become hungry.
(c) When they decide to take the luggage back to the plane.
(d) When an avalanche buries the tail of the plane.

9. Why are Parrado, Turcatti, and Canessa selected for the next expedition?
(a) They are the weakest.
(b) They have training as Andinists.
(c) They are the most mentally and physically fit.
(d) They are the most excited about returning home.

10. Who entered first in the plane to sleep at night?
(a) The injured and couples.
(b) A few men.
(c) The strongest men.
(d) Only the women.

11. What does the Air Force do to the parents?
(a) They agree to the parents' petition.
(b) They ignore the parents completely.
(c) They consider the petition.
(d) They refuse the parents' petition.

12. How does what Ponce de Leon offers help the families?
(a) It gives them a sense of peace.
(b) It gives them hope.
(c) It encourages them.
(d) It keeps them updated and connected to the search.

13. What do these animals mean to the survivors?
(a) They are enemies.
(b) They are a sign of disease.
(c) They are a sign of life and summer coming to the Andes.
(d) They are food.

14. Why does Marcelo feel responsible for their losses?
(a) He hired the plane and pilots.
(b) He crashed the plane.
(c) He had encouraged the others to take the trip.
(d) He told the pilots on which course to fly.

15. What does Vizintin discover?
(a) The cockpit radio will work.
(b) The plane may still be functional.
(c) A material in the tail's heating system that would make a great insulator from the cold should the radio not work and they were forced to resume the hike.
(d) The cockpit radio will no longer work.

Short Answer Questions

1. The following day, after reviewing all available information, what do the commanders do?

2. How was a democratic state created?

3. Who is the only surviving woman?

4. What is the largest city in Uruguay?

5. What do the men do in Santiago?

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