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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the survivors decrease in frequency?
(a) Their visits outside the plane.
(b) The amount of talking they do.
(c) Hysterical reactions.
(d) Depressing conversations.

2. Who found himself covered in snow?
(a) Eduardo Strauch.
(b) Enrique Platero.
(c) Liliana Methol.
(d) Roy Harley.

3. To what do the men return?
(a) A feeling of home.
(b) Civilization.
(c) Their hike out of the mountains.
(d) The squalor they had been living in.

4. Who took turns sleeping in the exposed area near the opening?
(a) The couples.
(b) The strongest among the survivors.
(c) The weak and sick.
(d) The injured.

5. Back in Montevideo, how are the women feeling?
(a) Content with what is being done.
(b) More impatient with the lack of progress.
(c) Angry and hysterical.
(d) Depressed and hopeless.

6. What is Gustavo Nicolich's role during this tragedy?
(a) He is the pilot.
(b) He is team captain.
(c) He is the complainer.
(d) He is the organizer.

7. What else do these women still believe?
(a) Their sons are dead.
(b) The Uruguayan government will find the plane.
(c) Their sons are alive.
(d) God will save their children.

8. What is done with the luggage?
(a) It is left in the snow.
(b) It is used to create a wall over the gaping hole.
(c) It is thrown into the plane.
(d) It is formed into the shape of a cross in the snow.

9. What do the concerned and confused family members begin to do?
(a) Arrive in Santiago.
(b) Arrive in Quito.
(c) Call each other.
(d) Arrive in Montevideo.

10. What does Paez Vilaro do to find the lost rugby players?
(a) He calls his friends in the United States for help.
(b) He talks to a water diviner.
(c) He mounts his own search.
(d) He contacts a clairvoyant.

11. What does Vizintin discover?
(a) The cockpit radio will no longer work.
(b) The cockpit radio will work.
(c) A material in the tail's heating system that would make a great insulator from the cold should the radio not work and they were forced to resume the hike.
(d) The plane may still be functional.

12. Did the pilots have experience flying over the Andes mountains?
(a) No.
(b) Ferradas did.
(c) Some.
(d) Lagurara did.

13. Even if the plane is not buried in snow, why would it still be hard to see?
(a) It is very small.
(b) It is on it's side.
(c) It is painted white.
(d) It is in hundreds of pieces.

14. Who comforts Marcelo?
(a) Enrique Platero.
(b) Eduardo Strauch.
(c) Fito (Adolfo) Strauch.
(d) Daniel Fernandez.

15. What do these animals mean to the survivors?
(a) They are food.
(b) They are a sign of life and summer coming to the Andes.
(c) They are a sign of disease.
(d) They are enemies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Was the information from Ponce de Leon accurate?

2. When does section three open?

3. How had snow entered the plane?

4. Why does Marcelo feel responsible for their losses?

5. As a group, how are the survivors becoming?

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