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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The radio team heard news that the search would be resumed by the Uruguayan Air Force. What does this information bring?
(a) Worry.
(b) Happiness.
(c) Mixed emotions.
(d) Sadness.

2. How was a democratic state created?
(a) The Colorado party president defeated the conservative party.
(b) The Democratic party president defeated the Republican party.
(c) The Blancos party president defeated the liberal party.
(d) The Republican party president defeated the liberal party.

3. What is the lack of nutrients doing to the survivors' bodies?
(a) Causing mass panic attacks.
(b) Killing them off one at a time.
(c) Shrinking their waistlines and wrinkling their skin.
(d) Making them delusional.

4. Who owned the plane the team chartered?
(a) The Uruguayan government.
(b) The team captain.
(c) The United States government.
(d) The Chilean government.

5. Who took turns sleeping in the exposed area near the opening?
(a) The strongest among the survivors.
(b) The couples.
(c) The injured.
(d) The weak and sick.

6. What does the Air Force do to the parents?
(a) They refuse the parents' petition.
(b) They agree to the parents' petition.
(c) They ignore the parents completely.
(d) They consider the petition.

7. To what do the men return?
(a) Civilization.
(b) A feeling of home.
(c) Their hike out of the mountains.
(d) The squalor they had been living in.

8. Who entered first in the plane to sleep at night?
(a) The injured and couples.
(b) A few men.
(c) The strongest men.
(d) Only the women.

9. Who is the only surviving woman?
(a) Raquel Welsh.
(b) Liliana Methol.
(c) Analisia Marco.
(d) Mariela Fernandez.

10. How had Numa Tarcatti and Pancho Delgado survived under the snow?
(a) They screamed for help.
(b) They poked holes in the snow to breathe.
(c) They had a pocket of air to breathe.
(d) They had warm blankets.

11. While reviewing an aeronautical map of the area, how does Croiset Jr. feel?
(a) Only a couple of men survive.
(b) The copilot, not the pilot, had been flying the plane when one of its engines broke down.
(c) The pilot had flown too close the mountains and crashed.
(d) There are no survivors.

12. Why do tensions rise?
(a) The survivors do not want to go on.
(b) The survivors are tired of one another.
(c) The survivors are all dying.
(d) The radio is not an easy task and various survivors have different views on rationing food and productivity.

13. What is the only way to improve visibility?
(a) To wait until the weather improves.
(b) To travel by foot.
(c) To fly low.
(d) To use binoculars.

14. Who comforts Marcelo?
(a) Daniel Fernandez.
(b) Eduardo Strauch.
(c) Enrique Platero.
(d) Fito (Adolfo) Strauch.

15. What does Paez Vilaro do to find the lost rugby players?
(a) He contacts a clairvoyant.
(b) He mounts his own search.
(c) He calls his friends in the United States for help.
(d) He talks to a water diviner.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Croiset feel about the passengers?

2. What is Canessa's opinion about hiking?

3. When does summer begin in the Andes?

4. Canessa and Parrado remained at the Fairchild and attempted to do what?

5. What is discovered back at the Fairchild?

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