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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Back in Montevideo, how are the women feeling?
(a) Content with what is being done.
(b) Depressed and hopeless.
(c) More impatient with the lack of progress.
(d) Angry and hysterical.

2. For what were citizens in the 1950s searching?
(a) Radical changes.
(b) Stability.
(c) Reform.
(d) A new leader.

3. From what does Echavarren suffer?
(a) An ugly gaping wound.
(b) A punctured lung.
(c) A cracked skull.
(d) A broken leg in many places.

4. What revolutionary group was born?
(a) The Tupamaros.
(b) The Ticonderogas.
(c) The Tuiricas.
(d) The Tuperwares.

5. When do the four return to the Fairchild?
(a) When an avalanche buries the tail of the plane.
(b) When it becomes apparent that no amount of tinkering could produce a working two-way radio.
(c) When they become hungry.
(d) When they decide to take the luggage back to the plane.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom do the Strauch sisters pray fervently?

2. What animals noticed the survivors and dead bodies?

3. Who entered first in the plane to sleep at night?

4. When does summer begin in the Andes?

5. In what do Madelon (Vilero) Rodriguez and Estela Perez continue to believe?

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