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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is contacted when the air traffic control service lost contact with the Fairchild?
(a) The ARS.
(b) The RAS.
(c) The SRA.
(d) The SAR.

2. What is done with the luggage?
(a) It is used to create a wall over the gaping hole.
(b) It is formed into the shape of a cross in the snow.
(c) It is thrown into the plane.
(d) It is left in the snow.

3. What is the lack of nutrients doing to the survivors' bodies?
(a) Making them delusional.
(b) Killing them off one at a time.
(c) Shrinking their waistlines and wrinkling their skin.
(d) Causing mass panic attacks.

4. How does Ponce de Leon help the families?
(a) He uses his radio to shuttle information between the families and officials.
(b) He contacts the Air Force.
(c) He uses his clairvoyant visions to find the plane.
(d) He calls his friends in the United States.

5. Why are Parrado, Turcatti, and Canessa selected for the next expedition?
(a) They are the most excited about returning home.
(b) They have training as Andinists.
(c) They are the most mentally and physically fit.
(d) They are the weakest.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the search expanded?

2. Can airplanes be flown low in the mountain range?

3. Who owned the plane the team chartered?

4. Why has Roy been living off meager rations?

5. Why are they forced to eat the bodies that had recently died and remained in the cabin?

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