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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section Four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Even if the plane is not buried in snow, why would it still be hard to see?
(a) It is on it's side.
(b) It is very small.
(c) It is in hundreds of pieces.
(d) It is painted white.

2. How does Paez Vilar become known?
(a) As the man who has lost his mind.
(b) As an intelligent man.
(c) As the only man to go looking for his son.
(d) As the foolish man searching for his lost son.

3. What does the Air Force do to the parents?
(a) They agree to the parents' petition.
(b) They consider the petition.
(c) They ignore the parents completely.
(d) They refuse the parents' petition.

4. As a group, how are the survivors becoming?
(a) Positive and upbeat.
(b) Irritable and depressed.
(c) Uncertain but hopeful.
(d) Cheerful and hopeful.

5. What do the survivors decrease in frequency?
(a) Depressing conversations.
(b) The amount of talking they do.
(c) Hysterical reactions.
(d) Their visits outside the plane.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ponce de Leon help the families?

2. How was a democratic state created?

3. Who is contacted when the air traffic control service lost contact with the Fairchild?

4. What are the Chilean military police called?

5. Did the pilots have experience flying over the Andes mountains?

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