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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section Thirteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The following day, after reviewing all available information, what do the commanders do?
(a) Change the focus of the search.
(b) Continue on the same search.
(c) End the search.
(d) Begin a search.

2. When does the SAR send a few planes searching in a specified area?
(a) When they find new evidence.
(b) When the parents threaten to sue.
(c) When they receive financial support from the parents.
(d) When the government pushes them to begin a search.

3. How is the search expanded?
(a) To include the Chilean government.
(b) To include the surrounding countries.
(c) To include the United States.
(d) To include people on the ground.

4. What news is given to Dr. Canessa?
(a) His son has not survived.
(b) His son is one of the survivors.
(c) He will not see his son for several weeks.
(d) There is no news about his son.

5. On December 11th, what do the parents do?
(a) They wait for a plane to arrive to search for their children.
(b) They learn that their sons are dead.
(c) They meet with the Uruguayan president.
(d) They accompany military personnel aboard a plane in search of their children.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the boys not kill the cow?

2. What do the concerned and confused family members begin to do?

3. Who takes the lead on the expedition?

4. What slowly replaced the local love of soccer?

5. Why is Fito reluctant to use one of the bodies?

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