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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section Five.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are they forced to eat the bodies that had recently died and remained in the cabin?
(a) Their was no other food on the plane.
(b) They wanted to use up the meat that was closest to them.
(c) They were afraid to go outside to the other bodies.
(d) Their food supply had been buried in the avalanche.

2. From whom did Uruguay fight for its independence from its neighbors?
(a) Brazil and Paraguay.
(b) Argentina and Chile.
(c) Argentina and Brazil.
(d) Chile and Paraguay.

3. How does Ponce de Leon help the families?
(a) He uses his radio to shuttle information between the families and officials.
(b) He contacts the Air Force.
(c) He uses his clairvoyant visions to find the plane.
(d) He calls his friends in the United States.

4. To buoy their spirits, what does Marcelo try to do?
(a) Remain upbeat.
(b) Encourage group prayer.
(c) Force them to be happy.
(d) Threaten them.

5. What did the school systems in place at that time lack?
(a) The religious qualities the parents sought.
(b) Adequate text books.
(c) Enough qualified teachers.
(d) Order.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the parents of the rugby players feel about the government calling off the search after so little effort?

2. What slowly replaced the local love of soccer?

3. What does the record amount of snowfall in the Andes mountains do to the SAR's search?

4. What do the survivors do to get fresh air into the plane?

5. Why does Marcelo feel responsible for their losses?

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