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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section Nine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Parrado, Turcatti, and Canessa selected for the next expedition?
(a) They are the most excited about returning home.
(b) They are the most mentally and physically fit.
(c) They have training as Andinists.
(d) They are the weakest.

2. Who is contacted when the air traffic control service lost contact with the Fairchild?
(a) The SRA.
(b) The SAR.
(c) The ARS.
(d) The RAS.

3. What does the Air Force do to the parents?
(a) They ignore the parents completely.
(b) They agree to the parents' petition.
(c) They refuse the parents' petition.
(d) They consider the petition.

4. What seems too good to be true?
(a) Animals being found near the crash site.
(b) The idea of finding the boys alive.
(c) The survivors being outside of the plane.
(d) The plane being in one piece.

5. What are the Chilean military police called?
(a) Policia militar.
(b) Policineros.
(c) Carabineros.
(d) Carabiners.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who found himself covered in snow?

2. How does Ponce de Leon help the families?

3. What does the army commander, Colonel Morel, agree to do?

4. Why has Roy been living off meager rations?

5. How had snow entered the plane?

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