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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Buczacz perfect for?
(a) Meeting new people.
(b) Starting a company.
(c) Raising a Jewish family.
(d) Having a small community.

2. Why doesn't Alicia accept the invitation to go to the mountains?
(a) She has bad allergies and will be miserable there.
(b) She thinks her brother should go instead of her.
(c) She cannot leave her mother and remaining brothers.
(d) She fears that the Nazis will go there next.

3. Over time, what happens because of the occupation?
(a) Russians get violent with the Poles.
(b) Russians took over businesses and people began to disappear.
(c) Russians forced Polish women to mate with them.
(d) All children were forced to go away to school in Russian or Germany.

4. Who does Alicia visit, asking about God and fate?
(a) Her best friend's father.
(b) Her great aunt.
(c) The Jewish leader of the community.
(d) The ghetto's oldest living resident.

5. How is Alicia able to obtain food and shelter?
(a) She must steal food and hide in abandonned homes.
(b) She must sell herself to make money.
(c) She pretends she is an upperclass Ukrainian girl.
(d) She works as a peasant in many feilds.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Alicia's first experience with antisemitism?

2. What do members of the Judenrat council fear?

3. Because of what happens to his sister, what does Zach wish to do?

4. When Moshe comes home, how does he appear?

5. How is she able to escape?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Alicia's first run-in with Antisemitism?

2. Why do so many people decide to stay away from the beekeeper?

3. How did Bella escape from the farmers that kidnapped her family?

4. In Chapter 5, what event crushes the family?

5. Who help to nurse Alicia back to health after she escapes being sent on a death march?

6. What upsets Zachary so much that he decides to join into the resistance?

7. Where do Alicia and her siblings go everyday to try to make money?

8. What is the second way that Alicia proves she is selfless in this section?

9. Why does meeting Bella's family help Alicia make it through through this section of the novel?

10. How does Alicia finally find her way back to her hometown and what does she find when she arrives?

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