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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In May, what does Alicia have no difficulty finding?
(a) Family members that survived.
(b) Work on farms.
(c) Other Jews that survived.
(d) Being a servant in the house of rich people.

2. In Chernovtsy, who does Alicia reunite with?
(a) Rachel.
(b) Dora.
(c) Manka.
(d) Bella.

3. While going to Ukrainian villages, who does Alicia find and what does he tell her about?
(a) A Jewish banker that knew her father.
(b) One of her childhood friends has news of her youngest brother.
(c) A Jewish tailor who tells her of the massacre of Jewish men.
(d) A Jewish salesman that hired her brother for a summer.

4. On what becomes her final transport, who does Alicia have trouble moving?
(a) Two pregnant Jewish women.
(b) Three Russian Jewish army officers.
(c) Four German Jewish business men.
(d) Five young children.

5. How does Alicia reward Wujciu for his kindness and putting his life at risk?
(a) She give him a new hat.
(b) She gives him nice clothing.
(c) She gives him food for the season.
(d) She saves money to give him medicine for his epilepsy.

6. Why were the Poles having sympathy for the Jews?
(a) The Nazis had turned their attention to the Poles.
(b) They actually do not have any sympathy for the Jews.
(c) The Ukrainians were now targeting the Jews, causing the Poles to sympathize.
(d) They realized that they should have worked harder to help the Jews.

7. How many people does Alicia room with while recovering?
(a) She is alone in her room.
(b) Two other people.
(c) Four other people.
(d) Three other people.

8. What event results in Alicia's mother's death?
(a) The Germans broke through Russian lines and retake Buczacz.
(b) Alicia wants to leave and go to Israel.
(c) Her mother commits suicide.
(d) Her mother is unable to get to into a bunker hiding place and is killed.

9. While in the Alps, where does she stay?
(a) Coeur des Alpes.
(b) Hotel Bristol.
(c) Villa Sassa Hotel.
(d) Hotel Straubinger.

10. How are they eventually released?
(a) Because the prison is liberated.
(b) A Ukrainian organization takes up their cause and gets them released.
(c) They bribe the Ukrainian officials into releasing them.
(d) Bronia's brother collects 40,000 rubles for their release.

11. Where does Alicia end up after leaving her home village?
(a) Chortkov.
(b) Kharkiv.
(c) Dnipropetrovsk.
(d) Kiev.

12. After finding Bella and her son Danny, what does Alicia begin doing?
(a) Working in Bella's resturant.
(b) Working for a rich family.
(c) Working in a family market.
(d) Working in a POW camp.

13. Who does Alicia "adopt" and spend a large amount of time with?
(a) Benjamin.
(b) Milek.
(c) Rachel.
(d) Danny, Bella's son.

14. What rumors began to circulate around Poland in March?
(a) The Germans are winning the war.
(b) The Germans are being beaten by the Americans.
(c) That the Germans are being defeated by the Russians.
(d) Soon the Germans will just let Jews go to Israel.

15. After the liberation of Buczacz who decides to return?
(a) The Jewish families that live with the beekeeper but not Alicia.
(b) Alicia decides to stay with the beekeeper.
(c) Only Alicia wants to return.
(d) Alicia, her mother, and two other Jewish families.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Manka's father welcome Alicia to do?

2. Why is Alicia completely devastated at the end of Chapter 18?

3. What did Sophie want Alicia to give up?

4. What does Alicia realize when she arrives at her father's factory?

5. Why does she decide to join this group?

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