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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were the Poles having sympathy for the Jews?
(a) The Ukrainians were now targeting the Jews, causing the Poles to sympathize.
(b) They actually do not have any sympathy for the Jews.
(c) The Nazis had turned their attention to the Poles.
(d) They realized that they should have worked harder to help the Jews.

2. What rumors began to circulate around Poland in March?
(a) That the Germans are being defeated by the Russians.
(b) The Germans are winning the war.
(c) Soon the Germans will just let Jews go to Israel.
(d) The Germans are being beaten by the Americans.

3. How are they eventually released?
(a) They bribe the Ukrainian officials into releasing them.
(b) Bronia's brother collects 40,000 rubles for their release.
(c) A Ukrainian organization takes up their cause and gets them released.
(d) Because the prison is liberated.

4. Why does Alicia decide to hide the money she is giving Wujciu?
(a) She wants him to hide it from others while he travels.
(b) She thinks he will ask for more.
(c) She knows he will not accept her money.
(d) She hopes that he will not spend it all.

5. How does Alicia get them out of trouble with the border police?
(a) She gives away all of her money and earnings.
(b) She lets them take some of her transports to prison.
(c) She agrees to go to prison in their place.
(d) She decides to forge papers to get them through the border.

6. What did Sophie want Alicia to give up?
(a) Her dreams of moving to America.
(b) Her work with the orphans.
(c) Her work with the Brecha.
(d) Her dreams of moving to Israel.

7. How long are they kept in prison?
(a) An entire year.
(b) 8 months.
(c) 1 month.
(d) 3 months.

8. Once back at Buczacz, why don't Jews speak to each other?
(a) They want to forget the war happened.
(b) They are overcome with grief.
(c) They could not openly share their grief or they felt guilt about surviving.
(d) They are scared to gather together.

9. In May, what does Alicia have no difficulty finding?
(a) Work on farms.
(b) Other Jews that survived.
(c) Family members that survived.
(d) Being a servant in the house of rich people.

10. After the liberation of Buczacz who decides to return?
(a) Alicia decides to stay with the beekeeper.
(b) Alicia, her mother, and two other Jewish families.
(c) The Jewish families that live with the beekeeper but not Alicia.
(d) Only Alicia wants to return.

11. Why did Bella's friend help Alicia with this task?
(a) She wanted to give her mother a proper Jewish burial.
(b) She wants everyone to have a Jewish burial.
(c) He enjoys working with children.
(d) He is attracted to Alicia.

12. What is Alicia struck by while she recovers?
(a) Her inability to get better quickly.
(b) She cannot decide what to do with her life.
(c) The beautiful scenery.
(d) The freedom to go anywhere she wants.

13. On what becomes her final transport, who does Alicia have trouble moving?
(a) Two pregnant Jewish women.
(b) Four German Jewish business men.
(c) Three Russian Jewish army officers.
(d) Five young children.

14. Why is Alicia given thousands of rubles?
(a) She wins the lottery in Chernovtsy.
(b) She gains an admirer.
(c) An important figure in the Ukrainian government falls in love with Alicia.
(d) The Jews of Chernovtsy are thankful that she kept their secrets of the black market.

15. Once Alicia is allowed to return to Buczacz, what is her health like?
(a) She is incredibly depressed, but not sick.
(b) She is extremely sick.
(c) It is rapidly deteriorating.
(d) Her health is much improved.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who else was involved in the black market?

2. Why does she decide to join this group?

3. How does Kola's family reward Alicia for rescuing the Russians?

4. What takes Alicia to a United Nations Hospital?

5. How was Benjamin injured?

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