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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 24-Epilogue: School in Belgium; Coming Home; Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Alicia reward Wujciu for his kindness and putting his life at risk?
(a) She gives him nice clothing.
(b) She give him a new hat.
(c) She saves money to give him medicine for his epilepsy.
(d) She gives him food for the season.

2. How many people does Alicia room with while recovering?
(a) She is alone in her room.
(b) Four other people.
(c) Three other people.
(d) Two other people.

3. What is Alicia's friend Milek now involved in?
(a) He steals food for Jewish people who cannot get out of their homes.
(b) The Nazis.
(c) He is working to smuggle Jewish people out of Poland.
(d) Engaged in resistance activities.

4. What did Jewish boys enjoy doing?
(a) Singing and playing instruments.
(b) Spending time with their fathers.
(c) Studying to become Rabbis.
(d) Dating girls.

5. What village is Alicia able to find work in during the winter?
(a) Kielce.
(b) Wujciechovka.
(c) Warsaw.
(d) Słupsk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What have some of the Jewish men created in Poland?

2. What is the name of the town in which Alicia grows up?

3. What does Alicia begin to call the beekeeper?

4. What does this news cause Alicia to do?

5. What happens to many of the Jews who return?

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