Alicia Character Descriptions

Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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Alicia Jurman

This person enjoyed an idyllic childhood in Buczacz, where her father was the co-owner of a fabric factory. Once the Germans invaded Poland, however, her life was permanently altered. Through malnutrition, disease, dangerous escapes from Nazis, and the witnessing of her mother's murder, she was determined to survive.

Freida Kurtz Jurman

This person was not as strong in spirit and determination as Alicia, but she urged Alicia to maintain her determination to survive so that she could one day tell their story.


Alicia gives this name to the hermit who lived just outside of a large village. Because he suffered from epilepsy, the townspeople thought him possessed and avoided contact. He allows Alicia and her mother to spend the winter with him.


This person managed to survive all of the purges of the ghetto in Buczacz and, filled with rage, joined a partisan group...

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