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Alicia Appleman-Jurman
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Chapter Abstracts

* As a child, Alicia Jurman lived in Buczacz, Poland with her parents and four brothers.

* During her early years, Alicia did not experience Antisemitism. Her first experience was when her brother was beaten by several Polish boys.

* Alicia first heard of Germany and war in 1938, by overhearing conversation of some adults at a candy store

* The Russians create a treaty with Germany, that allows the Russian to occupy Poland.

* Things mostly stay the same except that pictures of Lenin and Stalin were now installed in all of the schools.

* Polish children had to learn Russian and Ukrainian.

* Suddenly, businesses were being taken over by Russians and people accused of small crimes constantly disappeared.

* The truce between Germany and Russia having disintegrated.

* Within a couple of days, 60 Jewish men were forced to go to the police station...

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