Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why might the White Rabbit be the first character Alice sees?

The White Rabbit ties the story together, so to speak, as he appears at various moments, and “belongs” to various important women in Wonderland. He serves as the perfect guide for Alice.

2. What is so important about the riverbank setting?

The riverbank bookends the novel, in that it both begins and ends here. This goes against the traditional metaphor of the river as suggestive of time, for very little time has passed, though it has in Wonderland – and it does in the head of Alice’s sister.

3. What does Alice look for on the Drink Me bottle, and why?

She looks for a ‘poison’ label, because she has often read about children being poisoned without realizing it.

4. Why does Alice think about Dinah?

She wonders if there are bats in the rabbit hole, and then wonders if cats eat bats. This is the beginning of the kind of ‘nonsense’ rhymes and puns that permeate the book.

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